Monday, April 1, 2019

Romantic Swipe Puzzle Adventure - Love Balls Draw for Ultimate Fun

Does it matter whether you got an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone for the holidays? Not if you want to play games. The great thing about smartphones and tablets is that, no matter what device you get, there’s going to be some great games for it. So if you were lucky enough to unwrap a new portable and are looking for ways to waste some time, here we will offer you a great option.

Romantic Swipe Puzzle Adventure

In today’s article, we will cover one quite interesting and romantic puzzle adventure which is perfect to beat the boredom and replace it with some addictive and ultra fun game experience. The ball puzzle game that we’ve picked for today is called Love Balls Draw, an amazing swipe game in which your hero mission is to cut the rope and release the fire boy so he can get to his ice girl. 

Why you’ll love it

The gameplay requires some skills like great attention and precise reflex skills in order to complete your mission successfully. Yes, this game will taste your skills but also is also great ground to improve them. The cool, romantic and colorful game design and the highly entertaining sound effect are the main reason you shouldn’t miss it if you’re interested in some incredible fun time and game experience that is worth every second of your free time. Another cool stuff you have to know is that at the end of each level there is a quote available that you can choose to share with your friends on social platforms. 

Collecting all the hearts in the multiple levels and help your little fire boy to back his ice girl to be together again.  Start your hero journey right now by downloading Love Balls Draw from the Google Play Store or App Store for free!

Play it, enjoy it and send us your opinions about this game article!

Google Play Download Link:  Love Balls Draw Adventure

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Love Balls Draw Adventure