Tuesday, April 23, 2019

iOS App of the Month - #DARE

We spend a lot of time on social media sites and there are many games that can boost our social media experience and make it even more entertaining. #DARE is the most incredible social media game that offers you hundreds of social media challenges that you play in, creating dares for others to do something interesting or participating in dares and completing challenges to win money. Because of all that, this is our iOS App of the Month.

What is #DARE?

Developed for iOS users and soon for Android too, this social media challenge game offers users tons of exciting and fun challenges they can be a part of that can bring them money. Users can play this game, create a dare and challenge someone to do something or they can try and complete a dare themselves. Complete a social media challenge and post it online for others to see what he did and he will be paid for it. Make your social media experience even more fun, play the game and make money while playing. 

#DARE Highlights

#DARE has tons of challenges that make these games endlessly fun and exciting. The challenges involve singing, dancing, or doing something just plain ridiculous like dressing up as members of your family and doing impressions or eating something gross in the closest refrigerator. Dares can be created by each user and he can choose the challengers for it as well for the time that the challenge needs to be completed as well. The user is also choosing if his challengers will be private or public.

The user himself can be a part and participate in challenges of other users and for each challenge, he completes he will be paid for playing. A reward of Nerd Chips is deposited in the account of the user when he completes a challenge and post is online. Hundreds of fun and exciting challenges are available on the app and this social game is quite a buzz across social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

Download the app now on App Store for free to play, create dares and challenge others to participate!

Official Website: #DARE

App Store Download Link: #DARE