Friday, February 1, 2019

Shopping App of the Month – Gearth

There are tons of shopping apps available for your smartphone. However, if you are looking for a shopping app especially created for car shopping purposes, meet Gearth. This car shopping app offers you the ability to buy and sell cars locally, directly from your phone, saving you time and money. Because of its amazing features and more, we decided to pronounce it our Shopping App of the Month.

What is so special about Gearth?
Developed for IOS users, this car shopping app is quite simple for using and yet very practical and efficient, helping users to learn what the car sales game is all about without much money or time wasted. Directly on your phone, you can discover cars for sale around you and to even buy or sell cars locally easily and quickly. This all in one shopping app for all car lovers does not require any listing fees or commissions and it’s the simplest and best choice for selling and buying cars.

What are its best features?
The Gearth as the shopping app for buying and selling cars offers you the simplest and yet quite practical shopping feature that will save you time and money when it comes to buying and selling cars locally. All users need to do is to create their profile using their Facebook profile or their email. On the app, users can discover cars for sale around them and to even buy or sell cars in their surroundings easily and quickly. Users also don’t have to worry about any fees or commissions, they can list their car for sale in no time. Review profiles of other users to see their feedbacks and if you like post your own feedback as well. Finding deals around you quickly is easily done just by using your GPS. Based on your preference, manage your profile as you want. The simplest and quickest options for you to buy or sell cars are available for you within this all in one car shopping app.

Download the app now on App Store for free to discover cars for sale and list cars for sale in no time!

App Store Download Link: Gearth