Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Save, Share and Repost WhatsApp Images and Videos - WhatsTools for WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the best communication apps for our smartphones. Most of the people that use this app search for the best WhatsApp tools. Because the popularity of WhatsApp is constantly growing, the number of WhatsApp tools is growing as well. To make the search easier for all of you WhatsApp users, we searched and we have to offer you an amazing WhatsApp tool that offers all the features you need to enjoy your WhatsApp without an issue. Let’s see what the app is about.

What is WhatsTools for WhatsApp all about?

The WhatsTools for WhatsApp is developed for android users, especially created for all WhatsApp users in need of a useful and practical WhatsApp tool that can help them to send quick WhatsApp messages, save, share and repost statuses, chat directly with others and much more. This app offers all of this and more with its amazing 20+ features offered. Your data and memory of the app are saved and you can customize and manage your WhatsApp through the app as you like, easily and quickly.

Standout features

This WhatsApp tool is offering more than 20 features in just 5 MB for all WhatsApp users that like to save statuses like images and videos, share and repost anything they like even for Parallel space and WhatsApp business. More than that, the app offers users to forward and send messages to all their contacts with just a few clicks. Users can also avoid repeated messaging by creating quick replies and make their messaging faster.

To caption statuses various categories are available and for all possible categories image statuses are offered. Empty messages and funny text can be sent too as well special fonts and repeating text can be used as well.

On this versatile whatsapp tool users can search for a WhatsApp profile of new or missed call numbers. Additionally, start funny chat conversations or send cool wishes with the GIFs images from the millions of GIFs offered on the app. Users can chat directly with anyone without saving his number and enjoy other features such as direct photo sharing, status videos, photos and GIFs saving as well for quotes for daily updates.

If you use Whatsapp on a daily basis, you’ll love it! Download it on Google Play for free to save WhatsApp statuses and send quick messages WhatsApp users!

Google Play Download Link: WhatsTools for WhatsApp