Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Save the Empire from the Barbarians – Empire Rush: Rome Defense TD

Defense games are quite popular among smartphone users that enjoy an interesting challenging game on their smartphones. However, because so many of these games are constantly created for our phones, it can be quite hard to find and choose the best one to test your skills and challenge you. Luckily for all of you, we are here to help with the choice. We looked and we have to offer you an incredible defense game you need to try for sure. Let’s see what the game is about.

What is Empire Rush all about?

The Empire Rush is especially created for all players that like to test their strategy skills, developed for android users as one easy to play and yet quite addictive and challenging defense game. Players will enjoy the amazing sharp graphics and incredible sound effects as they try to build towers and create smart strategies to save their empire from the barbarians attacking it. Fight the exciting medieval way using your troops and towers as well for many fantastic creatures while you try to stop the enemies, testing the strength and might of your empire.

Standout features
This defense game and its incredible features as well for the exciting and challenging strategy gameplay is getting players addicted on their first try. Testing the strength and the might of the empire of the player, this game requires from each player to stop the barbarians that are attacking the empire and try to destroy it. Your enemies in the game are coming from any flank and your task is to defeat them before they reach the next town. The best defense the player has are his mighty towers and using one single tap the player is able to build a new tower. The map offered is giving you the ability to move across it as you like, choosing your next battleground as you prefer. Powerful items, packs and gems can be purchased as help in order to save the empire easily and destroy the villains. Stop the enemies and save the empire by creating the smartest strategy you can.

Download it for free on Google Play to defend and save your empire from the barbarians attacking it!

Google Play Download Link: Empire Rush: Rome Defense TD