Monday, November 19, 2018

Android App of the Week – WhatsStickers

If you want to create personalized custom stickers in WhatsApp, we have a great app to recommend to you today. Meet WhatsStickers, an awesome Android app that lets you make your own WA stickers by using your own name and photos. Have fun creating fun stickers, check out our review to see why we picked this app to be our Android App of the Week.

What is WhatsStickers?

WhatsStickers is a tool which is specially created for users of WhatsApp to be able to create their own custom WhatsApp stickers. Developed for Android users, this app is easy to use and allows users to use their own name and photos to create custom stickers for WhatsApp with custom colors, fonts and shapes in just 4 easy steps, choosing an image, erasing the background, adding the text and saving the stickers. Create stickers based on your preferences without much effort. 

Standout Features

The WhatsStickers app for creating WhatsApp stickers depending on the user preferences is offering great simple features for the users to create personalized stickers. With the help of this app, the user is able to use custom fonts, shapes, and colors, to choose the name and the photo for the sticker he wants to make. Each sticker you create on the app you can edit, delete and copy based on your taste. The app is even offering more than 50 fonts that are available in different languages and you can also search and download images from more than 100 clipart categories too.

Additionally, you can use the editable sticker packs to add your name to already existing stickers. A wide selection of clipart, emoticons, and packs are offered so you can choose the text color, the size, the stroke, the shadow, and the curving and adjust it as you want. Multiple shapes are available like circle, arc, and polygon and you can also erase the background of the image, choosing auto or manual, cropping and blurring images too. 

Download it for free on Google Play to create personal WhatsApp stickers with your name and photos!

Android Download Link: WhatsStickers