Friday, September 21, 2018

Arcade Game of the Month - Mallow Man

For all arcade game lovers, today we’re sharing our Arcade Game of the Month. The name of this awesome game is Mallow Man, currently available on the Android platform. Suitable for all age groups, providing endless fun and cool features, this game has become one of our favorite addictions this month. Let’s tell you why!

What is so special about this arcade game?

Developed for Android and iOS users as an arcade game with jumping gameplay, the jumparcade will allow each player to have fun jumping and climbing while they try to help the marshmallow, the Mallow Man escape the endless cup and avoid the hot chocolate rising. The cool sound effects and HD graphics on this easy to play arcade offered will make the player get addicted to playing fast while he tries to keep the marshmallow alive by jumping off and climbing the blocks. 

What are the best features of Mallow Man?

The Mallow Man has to offer its players various features that will keep them interested in playing and jumping each time. All the player needs to do on the game is to react fast and without any hesitations. The player needs to jump off and climb the blocks while being careful not to get crushed by the falling blocks, keeping the marshmallow alive and avoiding the hot chocolate rising. The hot chocolate is rising at all times and because of that, the player needs to avoid it because if the marshmallow touches it the game will end. With jumping and climbing as far as possible and keeping the marshmallow alive the player will win coins for his achievements.

The coins earned by the player can be used for unlocking different styles of blocks and backgrounds and allow the player to enjoy the jumping with different environments for the marshmallow. By helping the marshmallow escape the endless cup with jumping and climbing, the player will have hours of fun playing the arcade.  

Download the game for free to jump off and climb blocks keep the marshmallow alive!

Google Play Download Link: Mallow Man

App Store Download Link: Mallow Man