Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Arcade Game of the Week - Space Galaxy Attack

If you are a fan of space shooting games, then you should definitely check out our Arcade Game of the Week - Space Galaxy Attack. This is one of the greatest and most fun arcade games we’ve played this month, so it’s a well-deserved title. Let’s tell you why we like this game so much and teach you how to play!

What is Space Galaxy Attack?

Space Galaxy Attack is an insanely addictive space strategy and shooting game in the Arcade category on Google Play Store, now here to entertain users of any age. Defend the galaxy from space intruders and alien shooters, enjoy beautiful design and neat controls, and have fun playing an endless and exciting gameplay. Space Galaxy Attack will put you up for a real challenge!

Game Highlights

The storyline behind Space Galaxy Attack is quite interesting. It follows our Planet that’s being under attack by deadly enemies – evil aliens that are trying to invade it. That’s where you, the main player, come in. You are the last hero of the galaxy that has to use his best shooting abilities and to plan the attacks. Be quick and precise, aim and shoot to kill as many aliens as possible to save the Planet and the people. Complete challenging missions, collect and use power-ups and boosters while playing, compete against other players and keep track of your scores on the game’s leaderboard. Space Galaxy Attack provides with tons of levels, each of them designed with increasing difficulties and challenges. Just move your finger to control your spaceship and attack the invaders – it’s that simple, yet hard to master!

With these incredible game features and a lot more, Space Galaxy Attack is free-to-play and can be downloaded from the following Google Play link. Get it right away and enjoy endless space battles!

Google Play Download Link: Space Galaxy Attack