Thursday, March 1, 2018

Travel App of the Month - Check and Pack

Whether you're planning a backpacking trip or want to get rid of the stress of planning your trip, we have the perfect solution for you. Check and Pack is an incredible checklist and travel planner app for both Android and iOS users, designed with friendly user interface and tons of helpful features. Let's see why we chose it as a Travel App of the Month.

What is so special about the app?

Developed for android and IOS users, very easy to use and customize, very efficient and practical, this holiday checklist app is allowing its users to never ever forget anything when they are planning any exotic trip like hiking trips or backpacking trips. Users with the help of this app can create and manage lists with things they need to do or items they need to bring on their trips, saving a lot of hours by planning their trips ahead. By using this planner app, users are able to organize the most practical lists and enjoy their holidays without the need to write things down or worrying about forgetting anything.

What are the best features offered?

The Check and Pack has to offer all travel lovers, incredibly helpful and practical features when they are planning their next trip. On this app, users can manage, organize or reorganize lists with items and things to do, planning ahead their trips. The app has to offer 650 items in 11 different categories for making lists or users if they need to can enter their own items and categories. When creating a list, the users can use the pre-loaded lists of the app or they can make their personal list with editing features for customization of their own checklists. Each planner and list created can be reused by the user multiple times if he wants to. Each item entered in lists can be edited, deleted or rearranged if the user need to. The app also can be shared with user’s friends and family when they are planning holidays ahead to make organization of the trip easier for all of them.

Also, the app has to offer helpful features like photo backup for the lists, making a list for tracking expenses on the trip, creating travel schedules by the user and the option for the user to add notes if they want to. Download the app for free on Google Play and App Store to check and remember everything for your travels!

App Store Download Link: Check and Pack

Google Play Download Link: Check and Pack

Official Website: Check and Pack