Thursday, December 28, 2017

Guess the Footballer Face – A Trivia Game for All Football Fans

Trivia games give you the chance to unleash your inner trivia geek, and we've found the best ones for Android devices. From social media trivia fests to game show classics, song quizzes and offline solitaire trivai games, there’s something for every history buff, pop culture wunderkind, stats junkie or movie maven. There’s even something for football fans on the Google Play Store! We have found one of the best trivia games for football fans, one called Guess the Footballer Face.

What is Guess the Footballer Face?

This game is the first football player trivia game on the Android platform, created with 200 different footballers for you to guess, beautiful graphics and sound effects, neat user interface, and enormous educative info about each footballer included. It is an awesome challenge for all football lovers and fans! Let’s talk about the game’s main features.

How to play?

Guess the Footballer Face is a fun, addictive and revolutionary trivia game where you have to guess both international football players and promising newbies. Each footballer is presented with cartoon face, detailed profile and Wikipedia links. There are more 200 cartoon characters and many more to come, 2 Google leaderboards with ranking based on solved players and earned points, and complete statistics with performance evaluation on football players. Guess the footballers to progress through challenging levels, complete and unlock new ones to make higher scores and to rank higher. Note that with each question there will be 14 letters to choose the correct answer, and various hints and help options, such as: show info 1, show info 2, remove unnecessary letters, show single letter, show correct answer, ask and share with friends on Facebook, etc.

If you want to have one of the best football trivia games on your Android device, click the Google Play link below and download Guess the Footballer Face for free.

Google Play Download Link: Guess the Footballer Face