Friday, December 15, 2017

Cooking App of the Week – TalkToChef

Forget about screwing your meal while following a new recipe and have all of your cooking problems solved with our Cooking App of the Week, TalkToChef. This amazing Android tool can have all of your questions answered regarding your meal cooking. How? By live video chatting with worldwide professional chefs. Read more below, learn how to cook or improve your cooking skills with an ease.

Consult with professional chefs from around the world

TalkToChef it’s an amazing new app, a face-to-face video service, connecting users directly to an expert who can help them with any kind of cooking emergency or culinary 911. No space for panic if you forgotten an ingredient for your complicated recipe, there is probably substitute for it. But you do not know it right? Now with the TalkToChef app you can connect with professional culinary chefs from all around the world who will help you find those missing ingredients or help you learn some new cooking skills! Connect with professional chefs and have all of your culinary questions answered in an instant.

TalkToChef’s cool & innovative features

The process of connecting to a professional is really simple. All one needs to do is press the hotline button, select a cuisine, cooking method and diet (there are many to choose from). From there the app will send a push notification to all chefs available relevant to your needs and then you are connected with one and you can start you video session.

It’s a great way to consult when preparing meals for special occasions, learning a particular cooking skill or when you simply look for ideas how to cook something amazing with only the ingredients you have available in your fridge. At the end of your video chat you can rate the chef and give out a voluntary tip if you want to show appreciation for their time and efforts.

TalkToChef tries to revolutionize the cooking education. And with all of its features and what it offers, we can say it is pretty successful in this quest.

You can find and download TalkToChef at Google Play Store. Try it out a lets us know what you think!

Google Play Store download link: TalkToChef