Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Missing Kids Alert is all about creating a trusted community to help you find your missing ones

As application-making industry for smartphones is, growing developers are trying their best to facilitate the users to access almost everything from their couch with the service of their smartphones. If you browse through the app, markets you will come to know that there are apps to deal with almost every issue. Now coming towards the reason for compiling this review, which is to present an app that is going to let you know about the missing persons or help you out with finding your beloved ones. Moreover, there has been a rapid growth in the creation of applications for smartphones in the past years that can assist in the search for missing persons. So guys! We are here with an app of the same kind that is available by the name, Missing Kids Alert.

What is Missing Kids Alert?

Missing Kids Alert is an app recently developed by appvici LLC. that is aimed to facilitate the people from the United States to find their missing kids or other home members and on the other hand to let the people become a helping hand for those who are going through that problem. In fact, when a child gets lost, every minute counts. The goal of Missing Kids Alert is to minimize the amount of time it takes to set out an alert that your child has gone missing.

How does it work?

With Missing Kids Alert, the moment you realize your child is missing, you launch the app on your phone and send out an alert. All Missing Kids Alert users will get the alert, including his or her picture and other details. Only others who have the Missing Kids Alert app will be alerted to your cry for help. In addition, the app comes up with quite a user-friendly interface which makes it easy for you check the missing person alerts by means of different states.

Currently, this app is available to download for both iOS and Android platform devices for FREE. You can find the direct download link to the app at the end of this review.

App Store Download Link: Missing Kids Alert

Google Play Download Link: Missing Kids Alert