Wednesday, November 1, 2017

AQuizMatics, Math & Fun Combined

Numeracy is of vital importance in work and day-to-day life – but many of us lack the confidence when it comes to arithmetic and other math skills. Often, there’s a stigma attached with asking for help – but thanks to modern technology, it doesn’t have to be that way. So, whatever your current math skill level, there is a lot to be gained by brushing up on your skills. The good news? With AQuizMatics it’s never been easier and more fun to do so.

What is AQuizMatics?

AQuizMatics is a fun match style game app developed for both iOS and Android. It gives us users the opportunity to brush up on our rusty math skills with entertaining, simple math puzzles! Solve the puzzle by sliding the number blocks with your fingertips to get the right target number value, or figure out the target number value yourself.

AquizMatics comes with to game modes: Normal mode and Time mode. Both fun and addictive with the same game mechanics with the only difference of having limited amount of time for puzzle solving in the second mode. This forces your brain to become quicker in solving those simple math problems, improving your concentration and math skills while playing AQuizMatics.

What does AQuizMatics offers?

AQuizMatics offers numerous levels to beat, many achievements to unlock and powerups to collect. All neatly packaged with amazing and colorful design. This game will introduce you to the fun side of math within seconds. Break those high scores and train your brain with tons of levels and fun math puzzle solving! This is one of the best ways to keep your brain healthy. It is suitable for all ages and those who want to be a master in solving simple math puzzles.

AQiuzMatics is here to show you that Mathematics is not boring. Download it today and try it for yourself!

Google Play Download Link: AQuizMatics

App Store Download Link: AQuizMatics