Sunday, October 22, 2017

Visual Money – A Unique & Entertaining iOS App

To be an innovator, you need no special gifts or innate talents. You just need to be committed to finding a solution to an existing problem. There are millions of apps today but only a handful can be called innovative. A truly innovative app is one that brings about change for the better; change that gives the world a whole new perspective.

What is Visual Money?

One developer managed to do that. Andrey Solovyev brought to us an amazing entertainment app called Visual Money. This is one of the most original apps we’ve ever encountered on the iOS platform so far. We love it because it lets us visualize money on a place we choose, in a very fun way.

Standout Features

Visual Money is easy to use and highly innovative app that only requires a fairly well lit place and iOS 11.0 or later. It will carefully guide you through the fun process of answering these questions: Can you fit a million dollars on your table in bundles of hundred dollar bills? How much would that amount of money weigh and how would it look in your room? To let it answer you, just take a picture with the app, scan the horizontal surfaces in your room, tap the screen to choose from dollars, Euros, roubles or yuan and add the money wherever you want. The app will then present to you the money and even calculate the actual size, proportions and weight of the money. Additionally, you’ll be able to save your photo and share it with friends.

This creative app can be downloaded for free from the following App Store. Get it today and enjoy it like we did!

App Store Download Link: Visual Money