Saturday, October 21, 2017

Rocket VS Blocks – Enjoy Your Own Space Adventure

Everyone likes playing addictive and fun games while having the space adventure of their lives. With the right game for your android you can certainly enjoy while testing your fast reactions and winning high scores for your achievements. But, choosing the right space game among thousands of them is very difficult. However, we searched and we found a great space rocket game for you. Let's talk about the game.

What is this game exactly?

This particular space rocket game is offering its players one exciting and highly challenging gameplay that will hook them on the first try. This game is offering a design that is high-quality with sharp visuals and smooth game controls. On the game the players are getting the coolest sound effects to enjoy their time in space as the amazing rocket for them to fly it. With this game, the players will certainly have one exciting space adventure.

Why do we love this game?

Rocket VS Blocks is allowing players to have fun in space while challenging them to win high scores for their achievements. On this space game that is easy for playing, the player needs to move the rocket and hit the blocks with swiping on the screen left or right. The player needs to hit as many blocks as possible to get the highest scores and for every block he hits he gets only one point. The player must be careful when he hits blocks not to hit the blocks that are bigger in length than the rocket. If he does that, the rocket will be destroyed. With this game, the player can challenge a friend to compete with him flying across space and the one of them that hits more blocks will win the space game.

Download this game on Google Play now for free.

Google Play Download Link: Rocket VS Blocks