Wednesday, October 18, 2017

App Review – Oh Hey High

Being a legal marijuana consumer can be very difficult for meeting people that share the same weed passion. Finding a date or just a friend that has the same preferences or shares the same passion for weed is hard. However, with the right app you will be able to find people for chatting or even your perfect match that has the same cannabis taste as you. We searched and we have a great social and dating app for marijuana lovers – Oh Hey High. Let's talk about the app.

What is this app exactly?

This dating and social app is developed for IOS users as a lifestyle app that can help all cannabis lovers and consumers to find likeminded people or even meet their perfect match, discussing about their weed experiences and the challenges they face for consuming marijuana daily. This is very easy to use social platform that can help the users only with creating a profile and searching for people that share the same preferences as them.

Why do we love this app?

Oh Hey High as dating and social platform for marijuana consumers and weed lovers can help people find each other for chatting, communicating, sharing and even finding dates. The user just needs to create his profile with entering in-depth details about him so other users of the app can find him easily. With the great matching system on the app, people that share the same preferences can find themselves without issues. Also, the app is offering the user to use his location for searching for people that are nearby him and meet those people. The users are offered a great sleek design with maps as intuitive IU. With the app people can find their perfect match fast and talk with many people about their marijuana love.

Download this app on App Store now for free.

App Store Download Link: Oh Hey High