Friday, September 8, 2017

Parenting App of the Month - Pregnancy Coach® | Baby Tracker, Calendar & Guide

Pregnancy is an amazing time. Really, there’s something new to learn every day! To help you on your journey, we looked at one amazing app that’s designed to make the most of these next nine months. The app’s name is Pregnancy Coach® and it is our choice for a Parenting App of the Month for a reason! It is beautifully designed and simple baby tracker, calendar and pregnancy guide.

Perfect Pregnancy App 

We selected a perfect pregnancy app called Pregnancy Coach for mommies in becoming to make the whole process healthier, organize and successful. This pregnancy app will take care of you if you’re becoming a mother for the first time and you have lack of experience. The app contains appropriate step by step program that covers all the aspect of the pregnancy process.

What Role Does this App Play? 

Pregnancy Coach app can be used as a pregnancy tracker, calendar, guide, helper or pregnancy calculator, and also contain the options for counting the baby kicks and the option for measuring the size of the baby while the pregnancy progress from week to week.  No doubt it’s a quite helpful and useful pregnancy guide app that you must have it on your Android device if you’re the process of becoming a parent. The app is free to use and there is nothing to lose, except stress. Great deal, doesn’t it?

Feel free to check out and get this perfect pregnancy app on Google Play Store. We wish you luck! 

Google Play Download Link: Pregnancy Coach