Friday, September 29, 2017

Device Info Plus – Efficient Productivity App for Learning Device Details

Sometimes using our smartphones can become quite confusing, especially if we don't know much information and details about our phone and the features offered. How can you learn more about your device without spending much time searching for information? There are many productivity apps that can help you learn more about your phone. We've been looking and we have for you one highly efficient productivity apps that offers you to do this. Let's talk about the app.

What is this app exactly?

Effortless productivity app that is developed for android users, easy to use tool that gives users complete and accurate information about their android smartphone. Using this info checking tool users can easily learn more about their device, getting complete details about their phone without much effort and fast. On the app, users are getting accurate information about the hardware of their device, learning If their device is rooted properly, learning about the brand and manufacturer of their phone, and many other information that can help them use their android properly and without any issue.

Why do we love this app?

With the Device Info Plus, users are getting one useful info checking tool that offers them detailed information about the android's hardware. The information about the hardware are divided into 2 different categories, the category of the device information offering details for the Model, Manufacturer, Chipset, Build Number and Android OS version, and the second, the system category offering details about CPU architecture, Board, Number of Cores, Clock Speed, CPU Features, Governor and Kernel information, as current CPU Utilization, Total running processes, and clock frequency of each core. 

Users are learning also about the brand of the device, the manufacturer of the device, Device Id, IP Address, Mac Address, Fingerprint, CPU1, CPU2, and Board. With the share icon on the app, users can share the app with their friends and family. Also, they can copy certain information, with a long press on the screen.

Download this app on Google Play now for free.

Google Play Download Link: Device Info Plus