Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Business App of the Month – SPARE. - Convert Digital Wallet to Cash

How many debit cards, credit cards, gift cards and customer loyalty cards are in your wallet right now? If you want to have your own e-wallet in your iPhone or iPad, check out one of our favorite apps on the App Store – SPARE. We chose it to be our Business App of the Month, so read on and find out about its incredible usability.

What is SPARE?

SPARE. - Convert Digital Wallet to Cash is one of the best digital wallets to make payments. It allows you to add your Credit/Debit cards and link your bank account to it. Make use of QR code to send and receive payments easily. It allows you to easily navigate and manage your payment methods, which means the debit or credits card you have stored to access.

In order to use simply open the app and on the home screen you will see get cash click this option, pick the nearest merchant on the app, select the amount and get your cash.

If you are traveling or out of the town and you forgot to carry cash in your wallet, with SPARE. - Convert Digital Wallet to Cash’ you don’t have to worry shop with confidence and pay through the app. APPLY to be a merchant in the SPARE network and get PAID to securely dispense cash from your place of business!

Install it today free on your iOS device and have the easiest and safest experience to manage your cash. Also, the app gives you $5 on first login, by using Promo Code ==>> "sparecash".

App Store Download Link: SPARE. - Convert Digital Wallet to Cash