Monday, September 25, 2017

Arcade Game of the Month - Physics Draw

Since we reviewed Physics Draw few days ago we can't stop playing it. It is one of the most challenging and interesting arcade games we've played in the last few weeks. Because of that, and simply because it is indeed a very good game, we pronounce it as our Arcade Game of the Month!

What is Physics Draw?

Physics Draw is so addicting and so satisfying puzzle draw game. The game comes up with a simple objective that is, do whatever it takes to get the 2 dots to meet and touch. Draw various shapes and structures such as ramps, hills, and bouncy lines… The options are endless. Let your imagination run with all the different solutions you can draw up. Think outside the box! Levels look easy but you will soon realize it is harder than it seems so victory will be that much sweeter.

Key Features

· It is a simple straightforward concept with a clean design.

· This game is made for everybody. Children and adults can play

· It is a great game to exercise your brain. Test your senses of logic, your ability to visualize, and challenge yourself to think ahead.

· You can pick up from anywhere you left at any time.

· Play it anywhere and anytime as there is no internet connectivity needed.

So what you are waiting for? Have it today free for your Android. Direct download link to the game is given at the end of this helping review.

Google Play Download Link: Physics Draw