Monday, August 14, 2017

Travel App of the Month - PortableNYC Drinks and History

If you want to have a useful tool for your traveling adventure to New York, we highly recommend you get PortableNYC Drinks and History. It is a fantastic app that can improve your night life and helps you choose awesome places to go for a drink. We have already reviewed it, but due the impression that it left on us, we decided to make it a Travel App of the Month. Let’s discuss it.

What is PortableNYC?
This app will show you all the historical bars and restaurants that make New York such a special place. Because drinking has always played an important part of the history of this city, with PortableNYC Drinks and History you will have the chance to enjoy your favorite drinks in some of the iconic historical bars and restaurants.

Standout Features

It will be your personal guide through the city. You will get the chance to discover all the wonders in the Big Apple. If you don’t like crowded tours with a lot of people where, to be honest, you won’t be able to retain much of the information, with this app it will be at your disposal all the time. So don’t miss a thing and get PortableNYC Drinks and History as your tour companion.

Currently the app includes over 20 historical bars and restaurants. There are descriptions, maps, contact info and website links for reservation to most of the locals. That is not all, you can even visit some hidden spots that the usual tours don’t make. But you can also enjoy in the most known landmarks in New York City. There are

Don’t wait and try New York guide app and download it for an exciting and totally new experience of New York City.

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