Monday, August 21, 2017

Neon Stunt Rider - Perform Insane Flips & Crazy Stunts

Action games are certainly one of the most popular and exciting genres that are constantly developing and playing on smartphones. Every day there are many new action games, from shooting, driving, battling games, and stunt games. One of the most interesting and entertaining action games are the stunt games. We did our research and we have for you one exciting and addictive stunt game for your android. Let’s see what this game is all about.

What is Neon Stunt Rider all about?

This action game is a perfect choice for all android users that love to play action games. The game gives the users different exciting challenges for them to pass and become ultimate stunt riders. High-quality graphics, designs and background sounds, amazing environments with hills and valleys for performing stunts and flips, the users can choose their insane vehicle and collect items along the way for trading and getting more scores. The game allows the users to compete with other players of this game, getting high on leaderboards.

Why do we love this game?

Neon Stunt Rider is exciting and addictive, offering the players challenging gameplay that keeps them interested in the game all the time. The game offers the users to choose from 8 amazing environments, to perform stunts and flips on valleys and hills, challenging them to stay longer in the game for high scores. Also, the users can collect orbs for points and trading them for choosing new insane vehicle, the game offers 14 vehicles for the users to choose from. The users can compete with other players around the world, performing the craziest stunts and getting on top of leaderboards as masters od stunt riding.

Download this game on Google Play now for free.

Google Play Download Link: Neon Stunt Rider