Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Find Your Favorite Memories Based on Location - OverHere - Location. Messaging. Social.

Let’s face facts, most people are texting these days. First, we’ve started with regular text messages but nowadays there are many apps that allow us to message our friends using many features to better our way of communication through messages. So why not to make the messaging more interesting with leaving messages for our friends that will have long lasting effects. What app is the best option for this? We found one app for creating more visual messages. Let’s see what this app offers you.

What is this app exactly?

This app is a social networking app based on location, developed on IOS and android platforms. The app gives the users more than a regular location based app. The app offers many different features for users that need more interesting options for messaging other people. You can share information with everyone around you! The app reminds you of memories without you searching for them and gives you the option to link tasks with locations and get reminders that will help you to never forget another task again.

Why do we love this app?

This app is highly effortless and practical location based app, easy and simple to use, giving the users fun ways of messaging. The users of this app can use many interesting features to share information with followers, friends, and everyone they want to. The app offers location based messaging, making messages visible only at specific locations, location based memory, so the users are reminded of specific memories without searching for them, and location based reminders, so the users get reminders of tasks linked to specific locations. Explore many interesting places around you!

Download this app now on Google Play and App Store for free.

Google Play Download Link: OverHere - Location. Messaging. Social.

App Store Download Link: OverHere - Location. Messaging. Social.