Wednesday, July 19, 2017

TipToe – Spread Awareness Instantly

No one ever likes to think of the possibility of running into trouble or getting caught in the middle of a dangerous incident, but in case you ever find yourself in an emergency it's better to be prepared. Why not use your smartphone for that purpose? Using the right app you can use your phone to protect yourself and alert people about suspicious things in the surroundings. We’ve found an app that could help you spread awareness and feel protected all the time. Let’s discuss about it.

What is TipToe all about?

Navigation app for iPhone users that could help you feel protected all the time. Using this app, the users can share tips with people around them about things that concern them or read tips from users about places and incidents that are possibly dangerous. Making your surroundings safer, this app gives the users a chance to alert friends and family about places that should be avoided and news about dangerous incidents. With one click on this app you could spread awareness!

Why do we choose it?

This app offers the users all the features they need about creating safe environment for themselves and their family and friends. You can share your own concerns about news you heard or saw or read tips from other people about places and incidents that could affect your safety and make your surroundings dangerous. Using pictures about suspicious events the users can alert people about possible danger nearby. Also, the users can mark areas of concern and receive immediate notifications about events that happened in that areas. 

App Store Download Link: TipToe

Official Website Link: TipToe