Saturday, July 15, 2017

iOS Game of the Week - Animal-Pong

Few days ago we introduced Animal-Pong. This tap jumper is one of the best casual games we reviewed in the last 1-2 weeks so it clearly deserves our appraisal as Game of the Week for the iOS platform. Read more why!

What is Animal-Pong?
Animal-Pong is an exciting classic tap jump game full of adventure. In the game, your aim is to keep the tiny animal character safe as far as possible to score good points. Moreover, collect coins and keep avoiding enemies/obstacles that come in your way, as they will end up your gameplay session. The gold coins are the necessary part of the game, as these will help you to boost your gameplay by means of different in-game purchases.

There are few randomly changing environments in the game and you have the chance to play with different characters that need to be unlocked. In this game, you have to get through different difficulties and as you move forward, in the game the difficulty level increases and the speed of your movement increases, so that you have to possess more focus towards the obstacles that are coming in your way.

The graphic is classic and the music is the adventurous type that will make your game even more adventurous. Download this game free for your iOS device from the link below

App Store Download Link: Animal-Pong