Thursday, May 18, 2017

App Review – Progress Graphs

Juggling tasks is an important skill in the modern world. From that presentation you promised to send your boss by today to picking up some ingredients for dinner, from holiday planning to present-buying, remembering everything can sometimes be overwhelming. Fear not – your smartphone can help you avoid drowning in a sea of tasks. There are a range of apps aiming to help you get on top of your to-do lists.

Today we present you an app that can help you plan, visualize & grow by keeping track of everything you do in your daily life – a fantastic lifestyle & productivity tool called ‘Progress Graphs’.

What is Progress Graphs & Why We Love it?

Progress Graphs is a journal, timeline and to-do app that tops other of its type in terms of overall app quality, user experience and ease in creating timelines & notes. Available for both Android and iOS users, the app is developed with elegant design and 17 professionally created themes. We love it because it truly helps in visualizing important things and in becoming more productive in our lives.

With it, you’re able to create notes with heading & sub-texts, dates, multiple images upload with or without input of texts, download your content into PDF format, share it via email or other compatible apps, create and access your lists (they called it ‘Graphs’) while offline.

Perfect for taking daily notes, scheduling tasks, making grocery lists, creating digital baby books, photo albums, school history projects, visualize your life journey or creating future career path etc.

Progress Graphs is free for download on both Google Play and App Store. In App Purchases are available, if required. Check out its full set of features & usage by visiting its Facebook page, YouTube Channel or official website.

App Store Download Link: Progress Graphs

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