Thursday, April 20, 2017

Proform Desk X Bike Exercise Bike - Workout While You Work On Your Lap Top

Created by Proform, the fitness industry giant, the Proform desk x bike exercise bike is a genuine product for the busy people that want to stay fit. It is one-of-a-kind solution to get things done while working out. It aims to maximize each workout and increase productivity utilizing multi-tasking!

At its core, it’s a desk and a bike in one product. The Proform desk x bike exercise bike comes with all the needed amenities to complete a cardio workout and finishes a to-do list for the day. It’s ergonomic, quiet, adjustable, customizable and crafted to keep anyone healthy and productive.

For those long sessions of working and exercising, the bike comes with a lumbar support seat. Proform again used their cutting-edge advances in cushioning and reliability to create the almost perfect seat. This adds ergonomic value enabling users to enjoy the bike for hours, without getting hurt or feeling discomfort in the lumbar area.

The desk exercise bike comes with a desk attachment that resembles 2' x 4' area, enough to fit any laptop size. When users finish their work tasks, the desk attachment can be easily removed. Users can also make use of a built-in water bottle holder to remain hydrated throughout the workout session.
The bike includes an LCD display that tracks every important data from the workouts, like speed, time, distance, resistance, heart rate, and calories burned. Users can adjust the mode of the workouts as per their fitness goals.

Proform used their unique inertia-enhanced flywheel feature that guarantees a faster gear ratio and effective weight placement making the workouts more enjoyable and effective. It’s enhanced with 8 resistance levels giving options for everyone.

The bike is a proof that Proform continues to innovate and progress while keeping quality and functionality in the core of their products.

Features & Benefits:

- Light Weight Frame
The lightweight frame does not have great weight capacity, but it is easy to assemble and you can store it anywhere in the house.
- Quality Built & Quiet Magnetic resistance
It features sturdy, quality construction that weighs just 50 lbs and 250 lbs weight capacity. It’s quiet because of the magnetic resistance. Sound stays fairly the same even when you increase intensity.
- Padded seat with lumbar support and Proform cushioning
The lumbar support seat makes the Proform desk exercise bike ergonomic. This guarantees that your lower back and lumbar bone will get the needed support while you work or exercise. The bike uses the standard Proform cushioning making it comfortable to sit on for hours. It can also adjust to fit different body types.
- Foldable Desk Attachment – Work While Working Out
The Proform desk exercise bike comes with a non-slip, foldable desk attachment that can fit any laptop or tablet. This adds functionality to the whole bike and enables users to work while exercising. Productivity and multi-tasking are significantly enhanced. What’s great is that It can be easily removed at any time.

-Inertia-enhanced flywheel
The inertia-enhanced flywheel feature of the Proform exercise bike makes it enjoyable and effective. The gear placement is amazing as well. Pedals are comfortable and adjustable too with toe cages and straps.
- LCD Display & 8 Resistance levels
Users can track their speed, time, distance, resistance, heart rate, and calories burned on an LCD display all the time. It’s especially great for tracking the heart rate with the built-in EKG™ grips. There are 8 resistance levels that can suit the power, fitness levels and goals of anyone.
- Built-in Water Bottle Holder
Users can stay hydrated while exercising or working out with the built-in water bottle holder.
- Transport Wheels
Move it around your desired area with the transport wheels.

Max user weight: 250lbs / 114kg
Shipping weight: 50lbs /22kg
Size (dimensions): 9 x 15 x 45 inches
Color: Silver
- Unique Proform cushioning
- Lumbar support seat
- EKG™  grips for better heart rate measurement