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Create and use your shopping lists in extremely easy manner with ListOnGo Shopping List

Android app that will make the creating of shopping lists very easy and simple.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Daily Game Recommendation - Enjoy the combo of different gaming platforms with Truck Trials Driving Challenge

Few genres manage to unite people from all walks of life like a good racing game. Whether your preference is for outlandish fun or intense realism, the vast collection of racing titles available for iOS and Android is great. However, one of the latest titles that amazed with their graphics and gameplay is the Truck Trials Driving Challenge.

What is Truck Trials Driving Challenge?

Truck Trials Driving Challenge is a new arcade monster-truck racing challenging for your smartphones. This game will take you to an extreme off-road driving challenging with many enchanting surprises. This game is not just the test of your driving skills but also it is about testing your problem solving skills as this game includes some puzzle situations that you must have to solve to reach the finish line. Take care of you fuel and steering controls and do not let this monster truck to fall into the river.

In the game, you will have to collect the three fuel canes present through your way to the finish line. Enjoy your journey through bumpy and rough track and prove yourself the best driver. The game brings many exciting levels and to moves to the next levels, you must have to complete the ongoing level. Remember that as you move further, the game get more challenging and only a smart mind can get through these challenges.

To enjoy this full featured game free on your Android or iOS OS devices simply tap the recommended links present at the end and let the fun begins. Check out the video too, to feel the game and decide whether it is the right challenge for you.

App Store Download Link: Truck Trials Driving Challenge

Google Play Download Link: Truck Trials Driving Challenge

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Enjoy and feel the real of the ancient ninja life with Dragon Ninja Rush

Though passionate global users have gone through several ninja sonic runner games on other devices over the years, there will always be the one special ninja game that keeps coming back to experience good aspects. We are here to present a review for a new game app, Dragon Ninja Rush.

What is Dragon Ninja Rush?

Dragon Ninja Rush is one of the specially designed fighting games for benefit of global players. The look of the game comes in an attractive comic look. The environment is beautifully, crafted and even moves partially dynamically; the characters and monsters look cool. The animations of the player character are fluid and comprehensible.

You control the Ninja over 2 buttons. The left button lets the ninja slip over the floor. Use the right button to jump. If you are in the air, you can press the button twice to perform a double jump. This is also necessary in many situations because many abysses are far too wide to be, bridged by a normal jump. Jumps must also be well timed, so as not to crash.

The background music is just as action-packed as the gameplay and motivates playing. You get a good flow when playing. The players must be attentive and tap the buttons in time to make the character jump over obstacles or slide under them. One should not forget to dodge shurikens, overcome abysses, and get through thick sharp bamboo and other relevant obstacles.

To uncover more features of this game simply download this game app without any cost for your Android or iOS OS devices and bring the never-ending fun to your devices. You can find the direct download link to this game app at the end of this helping review.

App Store Download Link: Dragon Ninja Rush

Google Play Download Link: Dragon Ninja Rush

Pop My Monsters is the best time killer pill for your leisure time

If you love Match 3 games and equally love shooting games, then you will love to hear! We have brought you a new game app, Pop My Monsters that is absolutely for you to give you the most challenging, entertaining and strategic games play.

What is Pop My Monsters?

Pop My Monsters is a smash game but here in this game you play to pop monster faces, as it is clear from the name too. The game brings more than 300 levels of addictive and challenging levels. In each level, you have to beat the time to reach you objectives and clear the level. The game is quite easy to learn but difficult to master, as you have to take quick decision to tap the series of monsters face and eliminate as many monster faces as you can in single tap.

Engaging features:
Full of adventurous phases with more than 300 levels of popping fun
Beautiful Graphics Design with stunning Background music to keep you focused
Simple one-tap controls
Special boosters to help you in reaching your objective in the shortest possible time
Paly it anywhere and anytime as it requires no internet connection
Try to score combos and get the best rewards that you will love

So what you are waiting for? Have it today for your iOS or Android OS devices and have fun. Direct downloads links to this game app are present at the end of this helping review.

App Store Download Link: Pop My Monsters

Google Play Download Link: Pop My Monsters

Glue Your Hands to Your iDevice with the Tiny Trump Game

There are so many Trump-themed games out there. So. Many. Even a search for Trump's Democratic foe, Hillary Clinton, will only result in a handful of Hillary-themed games (that query will even just return a bunch of Trump games). Making no judgments on his politics, perhaps this trend of Donald Trump mobile games is fitting.

If you’re looking for a fun and addictive Trump-themed game for your iPhone or iPad, you’ve came to the right place. We have just the one for you – a cool game called Tiny Trump. Presented with fantastic design and interesting sounds, this game will certainly glue your hands to your iDevice.

All you have to do is download the game and help tiny Trump in his narrowing adventure climbing his tower. Just tap on your display in order to go up and collect as many coins as you can on your way. The higher you get, the higher your scores will be. But don’t worry, if you fall off the tower you can always press restart and have fun all over again.

Tiny Trump is completely free of charge and it can be downloaded from the App Store. Don’t forget to show it to your loved ones!

App Store Download Link: Tiny Trump

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

PocketFitness App offers easy to follow daily workout routine for men and women

Nowadays if we surf through the app markets, there are apps for everything. The expensive communication box (or MP3 player, if you have the iPod Touch) can make fart sounds, help you learn a new language and even turn your photos into cartoon stills. In addition, it can help you get in shape or maintain a healthy lifestyle—for much cheaper than a personal trainer or nutritionist. To get you started, we roundup with the best health and fitness app for your Android named, PocketFitness.

What is PocketFitness?

PocketFitness App will deliver everything you need and nothing you do not for an effective bodyweight exercise routine. Get off to a fast start with readymade workouts in whatever difficulty level you need. You can also design a personal workout if you want to PocketFitness App uses timers according to the type of workout you choose, such as circuit training.

Why this one is good for you?

This app helps you to keep your body fit. Start getting abs and muscles by doing it daily. Following these daily-based workouts, arranged category wise to give you an ease to follow. These plans will make you feel stronger, healthier, improve energy and control weight. These workout Exercises benefits every part of the body and you do not need any equipment for the workouts.

In the options, you can set the desired rest time between each exercise and you can set a notification to remind you that it is time to exercise. You can also set the workout difficulty, which scales the number of reps in each exercise.

This app is the most complete and simple workout plan for your daily routine. It will help you with good metabolism and helps you in developing strength against many problems. It is available free to download for Android OS devices. Direct download link to this app is present at the end.

Google Play Download Link: PocketFitness

Enhance the way you promote your business with Sendtu

Chrome browser is one of the most popular ones thanks to its rich number of options and extensions that make your web browsing faster and easier. There are thousands of them in Chrome Web Store. Let us have a look only at the best Chrome extension we have selected for you. We are talking about Sendtu.

What is Sendtu?

Sendtu is an extension that helps you for your marketing campaigns regarding your businesses with tons of ready to use gmail email templates. This extension works with Google chrome browser and it let you to carry out your marketing campaign by using your existing Gmail id or Google apps id. The app comes up with best handy tools to execute your marketing and gives you a chance to present your product in the best possible way.

The app support templates working with HTML5 and you can avail the chance to utilize between the collection 100 templates that suits your business needs. It also comes up with powerful editor tool to make personalized templates and you can save these personalized templates for later use. To give ease of use this app sync with your Gmail contact list to manage your contacts for marketing campaigns. In addition, you can manage and create multiple contact lists by adding contacts anytime.

This app is presently available free for devices supporting Google chrome browser and is the best way to advertise at your best. You can find the direct download link to this extension at the end of this review.

Chrome web store Download Link: Sendtu

Official Website Link: Sendtu

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Numplussed - Challenge your brain each day with a puzzle math maze that captivates instantly

Puzzle! Yes, Puzzle! What we do every day, what we left and what we have in the future, everything is just a huge and amazing puzzle. That’s full of with million, billion, or trillion small puzzles. Really touching, but it’s true.

It’s so interesting and you can feel that when you really think about something like a puzzle. Think! like, you’re playing a Puzzle Game on your Android or iOS device and trying to solve a puzzle match challenge using your analytical thinking ability. One thing you should know about it that playing puzzle game is a great booster to improve your analytical ability. So, if you are searching for a game that will boost your thinking and enables you great entertainment, you should try out – Numplussed. We are sure you will love it, since we play it for 4 days straight each day it gets better and better.

What you need to know?

This unique puzzle maze game for iOS & Android, made by Ian Finch (Codeulike Games), a veteran of the 80s/90s BBC/Acorn game scene, will truly challenge you with hundreds of levels and combinations.

The gameplay and what is required from you is simple: just visit the numbers in the maze to get the right total for the equals sign. However, there will be twists along the way with blocks and challenges, especially in the later stages. While playing the game, expect intuitive touch-and-drag movement (if you already know the right maze, you can draw it and Numplussed will do the rest. At its core this is a minimal retro graphics that put the puzzles in the foreground. Expect more than 125 free levels with 300 more and a 'Neverending Tier' level pack that consists of 300,000 procedurally generated levels as an in-app purchase.

Try your math puzzle skills with something truly amazing. Get it for free on your Android or iOS device.

Google Play Download Link: Numplussed

App Store Download Link: Numplussed

Enjoy an amazing score keeping experience with NS Scoreboard (for any sport)

If you go to watch a game and not have, electronic scoreboard on the field no longer have to use pen and paper! With this application, NS Scoreboard (for any sport) will control the outcome of the game at all times.

What it offers?

This app makes scorekeeping simple, replacing the score pad in your family games or local competitions. With this app, No more need for pen and paper. It is a simple Score Board to keep track of Sports Scores like Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Billiard, Pool, Snooker, Hockey, Table Tennis etc. Also useful for keeping track of any other 2-player activity, board game scores or casual games like tic TAC toe or cards.

The app allows you keep track of Sets (0-9) and Points (00-99). It also shows the current time and stopwatch timers. It features Quick buttons that enable you to reset the Points and Sets separately, switch sides and reset the team names. The app brings personalized setting to meet every sport’s need and lets you to analyze the stats of both teams by clearly visible graphs.

Using this scoreboard app is quite easy for anyone. Swipe Number up to increase count, Swipe Number down to decrease count, Click on a Team Name to change it or Press the relevant buttons to perform various actions. This app provides the ultimate solution for all of your scoring need. Grab it today free for you android devices. You can install it on your device without any cost from the link present at the end of this helping review.

Google Play Download Link: NS Scoreboard (for any sport)

Zeez Fitness is an effective app for getting back into shape and building a dream body

Nowadays if we surf through the app markets, there are apps for everything. The expensive communication box (or MP3 player, if you have the iPod Touch) can make fart sounds, help you learn a new language and even turn your photos into cartoon stills. In addition, it can help you get in shape or maintain a healthy lifestyle—for much cheaper than a personal trainer or nutritionist. To get you started, we roundup with the best health and fitness app for your smartphone named, Zeez Fitness.

What is Zeez Fitness?

Zeez Fitness is here to guide you and help you in building your core strength, lose body weight, have a good health and the best physical condition, and improve your performances to get a perfect body. Zeez Fitness trainer will help you to Maintains and develops your energy. If you want to become a professional bodybuilder and gaining muscle, to have the dream of everybody a fit body and big muscle, then you have to choose Zeez Fitness.

By using this bodybuilding exercises app you will find you will find all gym workouts, exercises and powerlifting routines to get maximum muscles and will get the best abs workouts, great back , amazing triceps shoulders workout, gluts workouts, calves, exercises for thighs, inner thigh workouts and much more… In addition, you do not have to worry about these workout plans as they are by the legendry man Azeez Salu 2 X UKBFF British Junior Bodybuilding Champion.

The app brings some premium services, so if you want more personalized experience it is, recommended to go for these. Presently this app is available for both iOS and android and you can have it for your device without any cost. Direct download links to this app is present below.

App Store Download Link: Zeez Fitness

Google Play Download Link: Zeez Fitness

Monday, March 27, 2017

Test your skills in super-fun and surprising races with Minion Kart

Racing against all odds has always captivated me like very few other games. The joy to leave everyone behind or prove that you are the fastest is unbeatable, Never shy to back down from any challenge when it comes to hard-core gaming, I thoroughly love setting a milestone at all hazards. If you have the penchant for blazing speed, these games should take you for a long ride. Are you willing to take them for a test drive? Here you go! We have a review for new game app, Minion Kart.

What is Minion Kart?

Minion Kart is the incredible kart racing 3d game you have ever played! It is the game full of racing action with easy controls to steer. Therefore, put your Helmet and take the control of your karting! Touch the arrows on the screen to move, left arrows to move, right arrows to jump with super breaks to help you handle your kart perfectly in curves.

Through your way collect gold coins to unlock new karts and more… the only thing you should have to be careful about is the other cars as striking, with these can reduce your speed and racing position as well. Have the chance to race in best environments with real racers around the globe. Try to get the first position and win the gold whereas to unlock more levels with endless fun.

The game comes up with many racing mode to take out the real race mania out of you. It also gives you the feature of leaderboards where you can compete with your best results. So what else you need? Come on grab it today free for your android and iPhones today. Direct download links to the game app are present at the end.

App Store Download Link: Minion Kart

Google Play Download Link: Minion Kart

Italian Animal Words – Italian Pet & Zoo Animals

Pinky Fox creates attractive and interactive learning apps and storybooks for children in a bilingual user interface.
We are a team of passionate individuals who thrive on creative and innovative ideas. Our goal to create a stunning and easy-to-use bilingual user interface motivated us to launch all the goodies it has to offer kids and parents alike.
Unlike apps that only allow you to switch back and forth between languages, ours provide languages simultaneously which improves learning and understanding.
Our apps are designed to help children learn while having fun. We’re confident that your child will thoroughly enjoy the game-like experience, while you’ll as a parent love watching as your child learns new concepts and languages. Explore our learning apps and storybooks and help your child grow.
Please check out one of the 25 language apps we offer for iPad and iPhone.

With striking and colorful graphics and animations, this FUN interactive app is designed to delight children while they learn animal names. Children (and even adults) learn better and faster if they are having fun. With over 30 different interactive features and animations, this quality learning app will have you and your kids speaking different languages in no time!

Daily Game Recommendation - The Miner

App Name: The Miner

Category: Adventure

OS: Android

Price: FREE

What it is?

The Miner is a cool adventure Android game that can offer hours of laid-back gaming. Your goal is to help the cute squirrel, panda, pig and monkey to keep digging and digging, to help them find the treasure and keep them safe from the angry snake. All you have to do is press and hold your finger on the screen and move it to the right and left, to change the direction of the miner accordingly. 

Who is it for:

- Users that want adventure games
- Users that want unpredictable games with many different characters

Standout Features:

• Smooth one-touch gameplay
• Wonderful graphics with realistic sound and music
• Fun and cool set of miners (more characters to come soon)
• Collect coins and special coin booster
• Challenge your best score
• Fun for all ages
• Completely free with no in-app-purchase items

Developer: K Pascal

Most relevant Google Play review:

"Great game, unpredictable and fun"

Google Play Download Link: The Miner

Change the way you use social media with Motiv8 - Insta Quote Maker Add Typography on Image

If you want to make a message or saying to be more memorable, you need to make it more "eye-catchy". However, designing is a complex process. It involves things like typography, shapes, color combination, composition etc. You do not have to think this! Let Motiv8 • Insta Quote Maker Add Typography on Image app handle the process and you just choose the results.

What is Motiv8 • Insta Quote Maker Add Typography on Image?

Motiv8 • Insta Quote Maker Add Typography on Image is something to inspire you for the day and enhance the way you post on your social media account. A daily dose of feel-good quotes is a sure way to help you energize. In addition, it allows adding these quotes to your pictures in few easy steps.

The app is, filled with handpicked motivational quotes, famous sayings, and inspirational words from prominent people. Choose an inspirational saying from the well-categorized quotes. Upload your picture you want to be edited with quotation and add the quote you selected , now you can choose the styles, text fonts and other filters to apply to the text, Use hand gestures to resize, move and rotate these elements around in the frame. You can also add the filters as per your choice to enhance the colors of your picture or to give it a touchy look.

Sharing quotes is easy, as the app allows you to share via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or to download it to share via SMS, or email.

Motiv8 • Insta Quote Maker Add Typography on Image is probably the best way to get bite-size treats to satisfy your and your loved one, a thirst for positive vibes. The direct download link to the app is present below; install it free, to your iOS devices.

App Store Download Link: Motiv8 • Insta Quote Maker Add Typography on Image

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Are you ready to begin a new puzzle adventure with Mystic MAZE?

The touchscreen controls of a smartphone offer a unique opportunity for puzzle games, and arguably, they are best suited for our pocket devices because they can be easy to pick up and play when you have a few free moments. We have picked an adventure game this time that is available by the name, Mystic MAZE.

What is Mystic MAZE?

Mystic MAZE is a new game that revolves around the maze. In the game, you will play as a baby dragon that is in search of the way out of this maze to meet his family waiting outside that maze. The game premises are well-designed and you will go throw different scenarios like crossing the pool of water or a trench etc. but worry your dragon has got all the skills to deal with these scenarios.

The game offers simple joystick pad controls and you can find a joystick embedded on the game screen. In addition every time you will try to choose a right path there would be 2, 3 options which will confuse you but here again to help you there is red arrow on the game screen that will help you to be always in the right direction. The game offers 3D and beautiful background sounds that you will adore. There are also some item that you can collect through your way, which you can consume to enhance your game.

The game is presently available for Android this time and the best part is that you can install it for a small cost from the link given below.

Google Play Download Link:  Mystic MAZE 

Friday, March 24, 2017

Style Wars: Meet MirrorMirror the Amsterdam Start-Up taking on Amazon

Download now via iTunes and Google Play.

“These are early days for MirrorMirror but we have huge ambitions, not only for the app but also for the community. We want to turn MirrorMirror into the go-to location for any decision making and are already developing lots of exciting new features for the app. We want it to be a platform where people share their style, where fans can feel engaged with influencers and celebrities, and where brands can showcase new styles.”

Steve McLay, Founder

 Amazon recently began to rollout a new feature for their Amazon Prime members – Outfit Compare. It’s a great idea but one that bears more than a passing resemblance to MirrorMirror, the iOS and Android app recently released by ambitious Amsterdam Start-up MirrorMirror B.V .
 Having only soft launched at the end of February 2017 (a few weeks ahead of Amazon’s unveil),  
MirrorMirror has already attracted established bloggers from USA, UK, Spain, Russia, India, The Netherlands, Singapore, Poland and Nigeria.
 While Amazon’s Outfit Compare is a one-way process that relies on a team of stylists to make a decision on what suits you best, MirrorMirror is a community which enables users to engage and help other users with their personal choices. Unlike Outfit Compare’, MirrorMirror is available free to everyone, with no subscription fees.

 MirrorMirror was conceived by former style journalist (The Face, Esquire) and Fashion Brand Manager (Mexx, ONETrueSaxon), Steve McLay, after watching his partner and her friends compare, via WhatsApp, potential outfits for a night out. With no definitive conclusions made on the outfits Steve asserted it should be simple for people to be able to share two images and ask their friends if they preferred ‘this or that’.

 Further investigation revealed that over 100 million selfies alone are taken every day, of which 20% are people seeking style advice from their friends and/or followers – either on shopping decisions or choosing the right outfit.

Using social networks such as Facebook and Instagram presented three major issues:
  • To compare photos side by side on Instagram, you had to first edit two photos together, requiring a third-party application – making posting a lengthy process.
  • The more commented or liked an item was on either Facebook or Instagram made it more confusing as to the true out-and-out favourite.
  • Most disturbingly the potential of trolling was a constant threat.

Working with Amsterdam development company Moqod, the task was set to create a simple-to-use, safe, engaging, social environment where people could ask for opinions without fear of backlash and get a definitive result for their dilemma.

 In addition to the social aspect MirrorMirror also uses a team of stylists to collate some of the most on-trend items from leading high-street and designer brands. Seen something you like? Simply click to ‘Buy it now’.

 Need advice? Want feedback? Ask MirrorMirror.

 Want more?

 Download Mirror for iOS here or for Android here.

 Watch the MirrorMirror Explainer video here.

 Download the Press Kit (including logos and screenshots) here.

 Ask more questions here.

 Visit the MirrorMirror website here.

 Stay connected with MirrorMirror on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

 MirrorMirror B.V, Amsterdam

iMeetzu – Chat With Random Strangers

In the 21st century, an online service has the potential to garner hundreds of thousands of hits if it is social networking enabled. Networking is the key. Now after a decade of connecting with real world friends online, people suddenly have the desire to befriend strangers. There are quite a few online chat services that help people to connect with random strangers irrespective of their geographic location and we’ve rounded up some of the best and chose one to share with you today.

The name of the app is iMeetzu, a huge platform and community chat service to pair up random strangers, available for all Android users from all around the world. It is created by Wired Web, Inc. and compatible with both phones and tablets. The interface is smooth and friendly and the graphics, simply outstanding.

With the iMeetzu app you can start chatting with random strangers from all around the globe, instantly and for free. You can talk, flirt, meet and make new friends, have fun all day long, and much more. This version even features an image uploading/sharing option. Connect with other people by download this incredible app from Google Play. Like we said, it is free of charge!

Google Play Download Link: iMeetzu

VieLoco app brings you an innovative way for dating singles and making friends in the town

There are many kinds of dating apps out there. Sometimes, it is fun to try a more “serious” dating. However, at other times, you want a dating that just lets you get down to the fun part of dating. Whether you are looking for a hookup, a casual date, or a friends-with-benefits situation we have brought you the app that will give you the instant hook up anywhere. The app named as VieLoco that is recently developed.

What is VieLoco?
VieLoco is social app for people who are seeking someone hot to flirt with tonight. Meet singles in their city, start a private chat and arrange a date instantly. So, set off on a flirty online dating adventure that could easily become a real date. It gives you easy photo uploading and in-app notifications, and has a dating experience that is completely unmatched.

It is a personalized approach to dating that makes it easier for you to connect with local singles and meet that special someone. Know the instant you have a message or a wink. Browse profiles, message and likes on the go.

VieLoco uses your device location services to connect you with the fun singles closest to you who share your interests and want to chat it up! All you have to do is to create a simple profile with a handful of photos and a few sentences about yourself, then throw yourself at the Internet's mercy. The other amazing feature about the app is it video calling so you do not have to worry about fake profile you can even turn on the video chat if other person is easy with that.

If you are looking for the ideal first date, install this beautiful and easy to use app today for your iOS or Android based device and start hooking up by just clicking the following link:

App Store Download Link: VieLoco

Google Play Download Link: VieLoco

Always, get well-organized stock market information on your devices with Invstr

Investing is one of the best ways to make money. By being smart, taking a few risks, and by knowing the market, you can easily earn yourself a ton of money that you can use for all kinds of things. Many use it to build them a retirement fund. It is tough to get into, but we think these apps can help. Here is the review for one the best investment and stock exchange game simulation, Invstr.

What is Invstr?
Investing in the stock exchange or have information about stocks now with Invstr is as easy as one, two, and three. Simply create your portfolio and add your buy and sell transaction and Invstr will do the rest of the job. Invstr supports equities on the NASDAQ, the NYSE and the TSX stock exchanges. Invstr supports portfolios in different currencies.

Key features:

· Track stocks and positions* in as many portfolios* as you want to create.

· Read the latest news on companies you follow or positions you own.

· Get readout on how a particular position is performing. Track how much a Sell transaction really made or let us show you the dividends you received.

· Enjoy its chat features to discuss with other stock companions and the app also sync your contact list

· Automatically track and inspect your portfolios worth, considering currency exchange rates, stock value fluctuations, splits, and dividends.

· Inspect a position’s price history with the Hourly, Daily or Monthly graphs.

Download it free today on your Android and iOS device and have the best tool for your Stock investment.

App Store Download Link: Invstr

Google Play Download Link: Invstr

Press Release: Arabambi 411 Entertainment Launches Dungeon Combat – Epic Ram 3D fighting Combat Style Game for iOS and Android

Dungeon Combat, the epic 3d ram battle game goes live for iOS and Android. It is the first effort of the US based developer studio: Arabambi 411 Entertainment.

Inspired by the unpredictable and exciting rams, the amusing 3d battle features impressive graphics and gameplay that impresses. Simply, there are numerous challenging ram battles awaiting the player. Players can make use of tons of different rewards and can upgrade the rams to be more powerful and fast. This creates competitive spirit.

“Dungeon Combat started as an idea of a 3d game battle between two animals. As we gathered ideas, we came up with the concept of ram fighting, since these often happens in real life. Dungeon Combat slightly resembles the real ram fights and it feels exciting throughout the whole time”, stated Kareem Olaniyi, CEO of Arabambi 411 Ent.

The appealing setting of the game instantly captivates the players, who can choose between two game modes: online game mode against real player or against the ram opponents in the game. With tons of powerful characters to choose from, the pure gaming fun is guaranteed.

“We hope users will love the online multiplayer battles. The ram characters are bold and rough, but they look and feel great in Dungeon Combat. There is a certain appeal to the whole game and gameplay. Our beta testers loved it, so now we are excited to see what the mobile gamers think of it”, added Mr. Olaniyi.

The game is free for both Android and iOS devices.

Google Play Download Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.slinfy.dungeoncombat

App Store Download Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dungeon-combat/id1205096603?ls=1&mt=8

Website: http://dungeoncombat.net/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dungeoncombat/

Adventure Quest Monster World is an adventure game that reveals awesome challenges

Making games for touch devices has been somewhat of a journey for the video game industry. It was not always clear what sorts of games or control schemes made sense, and adapting existing genres has produced mixed results. However, one genre had little to no difficulty in adapting to this brave new touch world – adventure jumping games. Their unique suitability stems from the fact that there is almost no difference between point’n’click and touch’n’click controls. Here in this review we present you the best adventure game, Adventure Quest Monster World.

What is Adventure Quest Monster World?

Adventure Quest Monster World is an exciting classic platform game full of adventure. In the game, your aim is to guide the scientist who is famous for his research in guns to kill the monsters. The way is full of risk and challenges that is why you have to take each step with great care. Collect coins that come in your way to boost you gameplay and to defeat the monsters.

The game presents you various environments like snowy lands, jungles and much more. All of these game worlds comprise several levels and to reach the next level you have to clear the previous. In order to reach your destiny you have to get through different difficulties and as you move, forward in the game the difficulty level increases.

The graphic are classic and the music is adventurous type that will make your game even more adventurous. Fight the bugs use super powers and rescue the cute little princess. Download this game free for your Android from the link below.

Google Play Download Link: Adventure Quest Monster World

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Pixel Screen Recorder app can handle screen and audio recording on your smartphone

Screen recording apps are perfect for gamers who want to record their gaming sessions, makers of tutorial videos, app developers displaying their applications, or just to show off your fancy new Android launcher or live wallpaper. Alternatively, maybe you are video chatting with your friends and family and want to record the session to replay it later. There are many situations like this where a screen-recording app is just the thing to help you accomplish your goal. We have picked out an app for this review that is, Pixel Screen Recorder.

What is Pixel Screen Recorder?

Pixel Screen Recorder is one of the must have software application that should keep by all game lovers. Those who wish to capture or record what they play; there is no other better option than Pixel Screen Recorder. After all works are, completed on your video, you can upload the video according to your wish. One can easily share these videos through the social media like FB, twitter and many more. There is also option to upload your videos to YouTube.

It allows you to capture the best moments of your game play without any cost. Pixel Screen Recorder has excellent screen capturing technology so that you cannot notice the tool is capturing the screen while you are on the mood of play. It also allows you to save the videos to your SD card and the app offers you to record videos with high frame rate 60 Hz, which means you always get high quality video. You can also enable the front camera mode while recording your screen, which is the best option for recording promotional videos.

So what else you need? You will never find more good option for recording your screen rather than Pixel Screen Recorder. Download this android screen recorder app free on your Android from the link present at the end.

Google Play Download Link: Pixel Screen Recorder

Let begin the new jumping adventure with Jumping Ninja game

Do you feel the urge to refresh your mind during the day? What about a little challenge then? Arcade games are a perfect pick for taking a break from the daily grind, and just as well, they are often a great fit for pocket-sized devices due to their emphasis on brains and strategy rather than games with flashy graphics. Sure enough, the app market is absolutely, stocked with great options and helps you with the best choice we have found a platform jump game that you can find by the name, Jumping Ninja.

What is Jumping Ninja?

Jumping Ninja is an amazing game from the arcade genre. It is an addictive game, which once you start you never leave it. Play to boost your reflexes and hand to mind coordination. Jumping Ninja is very challenging game having varying level of difficulties. Jumping Ninja is simple game. Doing nothing, more just tap the screen. Depend on your skills that how far you fly your ninja-man and how many hurdles you cross how far you travel your ninja and how many obstacles you crossed you improve your high score.

Jumping Ninja has attractive HD graphics with beautiful sound and you can control audio by settings. When you start the game it is, easy to play but when your score increases the ninja moves with more speed and here it requires more focus to record your new high scores. Share your new high scores with your friends and family to challenge them. You can also compete on the leaderboards and track your score progress from the home screen by accessing the leaderboards. Do not hesitate to download, as it is the best time killer, and available for Android OS devices. Click the recommended store link below to have it for your device without any cost.

Google Play Download Link: Jumping Ninja

OSCE PASS – Your Guide to OSCE Success

Getting through medical school may be one of the most challenging trials you’ll face in your lifetime. The good news? You don’t have to do it alone. We’re not even talking about the lifelong friends you’ll make along the way, but instead about the abundance of 21st-century tools at your disposal. Topping the list? Apps.

We have one, newly released, app that has caught our attention few days ago. It is called OSCE PASS and it is here to help all medical students who need to practice for their OSCE exams. With smooth user interface and great organization, the app is one of the best medical revision trainers on the iOS platform.

I’m sure you wonder why we think that. Well, before you check out the app yourself, note that it offers tons of useful features, such as: multiple medical sections, over 20 written examination and procedure guides, interactive video demonstrations, timed exams, tailored feedback and much more. Plus, it is easy to use and accessible wherever you are, whenever you need it.

OSCE PASS is currently available for download only on the App Store, but soon it will be available for Android users too. Click the links below and start revising!

App Store Download Link: OSCE PASS

Official Website: OSCE PASS

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Optimize Your Android Smartphone with Phone Cleaner Pro.

An android device like a computer or a laptop has many different hidden processes always running in the background but unlike a computer or a laptop, instant user access to these processes is not always possible. Cleaning Apps take care of these hidden, background processes and kill idle processes that eat up memory space. In the following review, this time we have chosen an app, Phone Cleaner Pro (a cleaning app for your smartphone).

What is Phone Cleaner Pro?

Phone Cleaner Pro offers great tools to optimize performance and usage of your Android device. On the Home screen, the free cleaner app indicates the percentage of resources including storage and memory used on your device. You are able to save these resources and optimize your device performance with these four tools, namely Garbage clean, Memory Boost, Auto start Manager and Apps Manager, all contained in one app.

On tapping Garbage Clean, you will need to grant permission to clean cache junk, residual junk files, ad junk and obsolete APK files. After scanning, it suggests junk files that you can clean in each category and storage space that your device can save. Be watchful and unmark those files that you need to keep before you tap the clean button.

Moreover, it also offers app management and app control. By using this function, you can easily control android apps on your system either by selecting not to open them or disable them permanently. If there are some app running in the background and you are not using you can disable hem from here to save your battery. In addition, it allows you to uninstall apps within the app in few clicks. Install it today free on your device and never be overwhelmed with your slow functioning of your phone.

Google Play Download Link: Phone Cleaner Pro

GPS Speedometer & Odometer is an app to report your vehicle's current traveling status

Have you ever wonder about the velocity of bus or train when you are sitting in it. Tracking your car's trip data can be fun and interesting, but not all cars come with an advanced trip computer. Using your Android phone's GPS sensor, GPS Speedometer & Odometer can act as a speedometer with some additional data functions.

What is GPS Speedometer & Odometer?

GPS Speedometer & Odometer is a speedometer app that offers the best mix of features and functionalities. This app provides detailed information about outdoor activities such as, driving running, biking and skiing. The app records your distance, elevation, speed and route, and you can view this information in real-time on your device. GPS Speedometer & Odometer uses your Android device's GPS sensor to record geographic and velocity data. You can view your average speed and maximum speed for your current trip, as well as use it as an odometer.

This app provides a clean, streamlined interface for tracking your current speed and distance traveled. In addition, you can also save your trip details within few taps. There is also a pause button, which let you stop the application when not in use. The app also let you Find LATITUDE, LONGITUDE and ALTITUDE at your current location even if your device does not have Barometer.

So what else do you need grab it today free for your Android devices and have this best helping tool. Direct download link to this app is present at the end of this review.

Google Play Download Link: GPS Speedometer & Odometer

Snowloop - Search engine for camera roll pictures is an innovative pictures manager for your smartphone

The smartphone photography is what now everyone is depending on rather than carrying a camera. While taking family photos, selfies, and recording videos; there is a need of good photo management app rather than the stock gallery app that comes built-in with the smartphone. There apps available in the app market that can go beyond just displaying the photos and to help you out in getting the right one we are here with a review for an app, Snowloop: Search Photo Gallery.

What is Snowloop - Search engine for camera roll pictures?

Snowloop - Search engine for camera roll pictures makes your photos and videos more accessible and searchable to you. You do not have to scroll endlessly and no worries if you forget your documents or want to look for a specific photo of your most dear moment just search for them in our app and save your time. It is a standalone photo-search application, which can help you search through clutter of photos on your device faster.

You can synchronize safely to Snowloop, and it is always in your hands to choose when to erase your data from our server. Photos will always stay private and inaccessible to the outside world. The app uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms, which automatically describes the event happening in your images. Snowloop App then uses these descriptions to search for what you query.

After searching the photo easily share it on various social media platforms or send it through email. The photo management app is available free for both iOS and Android OS devices and you can have it directly from the link present at the end of this helping review.

App Store Download Link: Snowloop - Search engine for camera roll pictures

Google Play Download Link: Snowloop: Search Photo Gallery

Productivity App of the Week - Moiety - iOS and Android Scheduling App

Scheduling and better organization of your life is one of the key to better productivity. That is why this week we have an Android and iOS scheduling app that will be of extreme help. We are talking about Moiety.

The Background

Technology associated with co-parenting is largely undeserved because it takes a particular quality to have the vision, strength, persistence and commitment to invest in a solution for families in potentially difficult/complicated dynamics. This isn’t our statement, it is of a spokesperson from Moiety, Inc. – a developer team who succeeded in creating the perfect solution for simplifying scheduling and restoring communication.

Why Moiety

Moiety is an amazing productivity app on the iOS and Android platform, designed in a very elegant and beautiful way, with clean user interface and various features for every phase of your life. Although its primary target is co-parenting, this app is useful for anyone who needs easier and simpler schedules.

The way Moiety works is this: it lets you create and customize unlimited groups and events, contacts and places for unlimited shared calendar groups – called ‘Crews’ and invite contacts to join or keep your calendar private. The thing that makes it so unique is its patent pending technology where users can create customized recurring events, places and actions for each calendar Crew they create. From there, all of the events are created on a single screen with a few taps. No more texting, calling or re-entering common calendar events.

Also, it incorporates the latest security technology, such as biometric/Touch ID login option. This way you’ll have your information protected and you don’t have to worry about your safety. Moiety is available for free on the App Store, so get it today and enjoy!

App Store Download Link: Moiety

Google Play Download Link: Moiety

Official Website: Moiety

Monday, March 20, 2017

Create, edit and share your grocery lists with Simple Grocery List App

Just because a billion humans do, something every day that does not mean it is easy. There are grocery stores across the globe packed with shoppers. Many of them are struggling. They are forgetting things they made a note of that morning, walking down the same aisle they have browsed three times already, and making many impulse buys. There is time, money, and gas down the drain, and they still do not have all the food they intended to buy. This whole seat of the pants thing is not working. It is time to think of a plan of action. You do not have to use your smartphone to help you remember things, but you know it works. Therefore, to help you get started we are here with an app, Simple Grocery List App.

What is Simple Grocery List App?

Simple Grocery List App is our favorite app for shared grocery lists. It is well, designed and easy to use, it makes shopping for groceries simpler and convenient. This grocery app keeps track of your items behind the scenes, and presents those used most frequently when you want to add one. It also comes loaded with the most common grocery items, to help speed up your input. Check off items as you add them to your cart. Delete items individually, or the entire list at once or Rearrange items as you see fit, after all, you know your store best.

With just one tap, you can check off the items that you picked out and it sharing option brings your more easiness. Within just few tap add other users to your group, you can add users by using their emails. By adding users to your group you can also see the list they have shared, the sync list are available on the main screen.

The best part of the app is that it is completely free and there are no monthly or yearly subscription charges. Have it today free for your iOS and never miss anything while shopping. You can find the direct download link to the app present at the end.

App Store Download Link: Simple Grocery List App

Mangata Notes - The notes app makes it easy to keep those ideas organized

Apps are more powerful than ever, but it is hard to know which ones will waste your time and which ones will save it. From fan favorites to cutting-edge newcomers, these apps help you sketch out an idea, take detailed notes, or stay in touch with your team. Whatever your day consists of, these apps will help you be more done, faster. That is why we have compiled this review for an app, Mangata Notes - The notes app that will make you more productive, and take away some of the stress from your life.

What is Mangata Notes - The notes app?

Mangata Notes - The notes app might look like a basic note app, but do not be, fooled by its minimalist skin. It is actually a full-featured notes taking android app, which is a great place to jot down ideas, create checklists, and much more. The app brings you many easy options to take important notes. The worthy feature about the app is that it also comes up with scribble option.

You can also make well organized checklist let say if you are out to buy some grocery this can be great helping tool so that you will never miss anything. Mangata Notes - The notes app also features cloud storage feature where you can add your Dropbox or Google drive account to save you notes which can be accessed anywhere anytime.

There is also a reminder feature where you can plan add noteworthy reminders. Its powerful search toolbox helps you easily to find the required notes within few clicks. The app is available for Android devices and you can download it free without any cost from the link given below.

Google Play Download Link: Mangata Notes - The notes app

ThinkWhat – DIY, Ideas, Life hacks app, deeply aimed at improving your productivity

Either DIY: depending on your point of view, it’s the most pleasurable way to spend a weekend, or unavoidable designed to keep you from indulging in more fun activities, such as having a root canal. Whichever camp you fall into, there are ways to make DIY more enjoyable, such as having the right tools for the job, or knowing how to undertake whichever mind-numbing/exciting task you're about to embark upon.

While this once involved rummaging around in your toolbox or scanning your bookshelves for that Readers Digest DIY manual you got free in 1997, here in 2017 it means looking no further than your iPhone or iPad (unless the tool required is a hammer). That is why we are going to present you an app, ThinkWhat – DIY, Ideas, Life hacks.

What is ThinkWhat – DIY, Ideas, Life hacks?

ThinkWhat – DIY, Ideas, Life hacks is one of the best diy applications, which will propose incredible diy ventures, make thoughts, tips, lifehacks and general guidance on the most proficient method to make something fascinating and valuable. Discover genuine motivation for any sorts of DIY activities. With an inconceivable accumulation of thoughts from workmanship and art to excellence tips, design and life hacks, we made this application to fulfill your day-by-day needs and nourish your creative energy. The best DIY, create activities and style tips and thoughts across the board application!

This lifehacks app indicates DIY thoughts and tips, as well as this application needs to enhance and offer assistance and guidance in each part of your life. Consequently, hope to discover hairdo thoughts, magnificence tips, mold thoughts and general life tips and traps.

The app guarantees, you will discover content that is helpful for your life and ordinary working. So what’s preventing your to download. Just tap the link below and get it for your iOS device.

App Store Download Link: ThinkWhat – DIY, Ideas, Life hacks

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Holo - Ai location messages is enhancing the way of people communicating with each other

Long ago, back before our identities were so present online via social media, it was a lot easier to remain nameless and faceless on the Internet. Today, however, with the range of popular social apps we use to stay in touch with friends and the mobile devices we take everywhere with us, it is safe to say that being undiscoverable online is almost impossible. What could be better than sharing something without worrying about what other people will think of you? If you like the sound of something like that, we are here with unique social messaging app, Holo - Ai location messages.

What is Holo - Ai location messages?

Holo - Ai location messages is social communication platform to share your messages but the thing that makes it different from the rest of social apps is that it uses the artificial intelligence to share messages that are pinned to particular locations. The app uses the GPS module of your smartphone to track your location and then you can set up a message at that specific location.

By using this app, leave messages in any area for your companions to get when they confer there. Leave an energizing memory in your most loved amusement stop so your companions can encounter it as well. Tell a joke, or impart a minute you have encountered together to your companion, darling, relative.

Impart your contemplations about an area to your companions through the counterfeit consciousness elements of Holo. Enter what you need to share, pick your group of onlookers. They will get your message when they achieve that area.

The location messages app is free to download for iOS and Android and for advertisement purpose, businesses can avail the features of this app for just $0.01 per notifications. Direct download links to the app are present at the end of this review.

App Store Download Link: Holo - Ai location messages.

Google Play Download Link: Holo - Ai location messages.

Holo for Business users: Holo for business

Leverage – Connect 3 Balance Battle lets players really feel the influence of gravity on the balance

To deal with the sickly sweet elephant in the room: no, Candy Crush Saga is not included. Not for reasons of snobbery, but rather because surely anyone with an interest in playing puzzle games on their phone will know about it by now. Candy Crush Saga’s popularity shows the appetite for small-screen puzzling, though, so what else is available on your smartphone or tablet to stretch your brains? Here are in this review, you will find something more like that as we have chosen a game app, Leverage – Connect 3 Balance Battle for your smartphones.

What is Leverage – Connect 3 Balance Battle?

Leverage– Connect 3 Balance Battle is the physics based puzzle game with a gameplay based on the theme of balancing the scale present on the game screen by the help of weights. Primarily, Leverage – Connect 3 Balance Battle looks gorgeous. From the evocative cover illustration to the beautifully sculpted miniatures, everything about the game is a treat for the eyes.

The game comes with two beautiful modes of gameplay that are:

Story mode: In this mode, you will follow the game map to keep on completing the missions and unlocking the new areas

Score chase mode: In this mode you can play until you keep the scale balanced and I this mode you have to score the maximum possible points.

By taping the scale for both modes some colored blocks would add to the scale and you have to manage weights on both sides of the scale and avoid the scale to hit mushroom present below the screen.

Overall, this game offers the best puzzling experience for all age groups and you can have it free from the link present at the end of this helping review.

App Store Download Link: Leverage – Connect 3 Balance Battle

Wild Wheel - Super Fast Spin Game is the game that will really test your reflex system

Mobile gaming has reached incredible heights in recent years; with general quality, far surpassing what many imagined would ever be possible on handheld devices. While that is correct in a broad sense, it is also accurate to say that certain apps embrace the true concept of mobile gaming more effectively than other game. When we play games on our smartphones, most of us are looking for convenient, accessible experiences, enjoyed on the go or at a moment’s notice

However, if you are travelling or even just casually playing a game while you are lounging around, a one-handed approach is really, what you are looking for. It requires less space and effort, and it takes full advantage of the simple nature of mobile gaming. With that said, this time we have found the game app, Wild Wheel - Super Fast Spin Game.

What is Wild Wheel - Super Fast Spin Game?

Wild Wheel - Super Fast Spin Game is a new tapper game for iOS platform and is clear about the name it is something, a kind of spinning type of game play. Well coming towards the game play, it offers quite easy and simply gameplay where you just have to tap the screen and achieve your goals.

The concept of the game is unique one with no storyline to follow, just you have to stop the spinning blue colored bar with changing shades of blue color exactly in front of the portion of circle colored with the same shade of blue to earn some points. Therefore, you should be précised while tapping the screen as a wrong tap can end up your game.

The game is presently available for iOS OS devices and you can download it free from the direct download link present at the end of this helping review.

App Store Download Link: Wild Wheel - Super Fast Spin Game

Fitness App of the Week - Home Fitness - Bodyweight Training Challenge

There isn’t much you can do for your body that is better than getting in shape, staying in shape, and working out. It lowers all of the bad things (cholesterol, blood pressure, etc) and heightens all of the good things (muscles, stamina, etc). Owning an iOS device won’t do these things for you but our App of the Week – Home Fitness might help you achieve them in the most efficient way possible.

What is Home Fitness?

Home Fitness - Bodyweight Training Challenge is a health and fitness app that will most-definitely offer great exercises and programs that will have maximum benefit for you. The app is based on Bodyweight training exercises, which means you can perform these exercises at home without any additional equipment.

What it offers
The app is based on 3 programs. When you download the app you get the New Recruit Workout to get you started for free. The other 2 programs are paid. To keep you going and make things interesting for you, Home Fitness offers three workout levels to choose from.

Simply, check your progress workout times, average intensity and completed workouts by few simple taps and try to improve always. As you progress you will get awards (that you can share via social media or email) for fully or partially completing your goals.

See all features listed below and get it for free on the App Store:
• Easy to use user interface

• Free New Recruit Workout to get you started

• Three workout levels to choose from

• Check your progress workout times, average intensity and completed workouts

• View awards received for workout partially or fully completed

• Show off your awards to your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Email or Text

• Take selfies and compare workout results over time

• View and practice the individual exercises from the exercise database

App Store Download Link: Home Fitness - Bodyweight Training Challenge

Friday, March 17, 2017

Homework Boom is a tool that can help you reward your children for a homework well done

Student life can be a hectic period of time for the parents, what with classes scattered throughout the campus and a wide variety of coursework, readings and homework that can all easily swamp an unprepared student. Moreover, there are some students for whom homework is always torture but no more… as we have found an app for you that is Homework Boom.

What is Homework Boom?

Homework Boom is a kids educational app that introduces children to the value of money and facilitates the learning process for your kid, a sweet story. The app allows you to reward you kid for completing their homework of getting good grades in their schools chores. To get started with this app one of the family people should be, assigned as the sponsor, responsible for paying rewards.

Sponsor the success! Become a sponsor for your child. Decide on a small amount as support for homework, good grades, improvements or exercises. Store everything in the homework boom app. It is very easy and fun. Enjoy the payments together with your child and observe the improvements under the 'History' section. Decide on a small amount as support for homework, good grades, improvements or exercises.

Store everything in the homework boom app. It is very easy and fun. Enjoy the payments together with your child and observe the improvements under the "History" section. Learning and homework are fun again. Have this app today for your iOS or Android for just $1.99 from the links present at the end.

App Store Download Link: Homework Boom

Google Play Download Link: Homework Boom

There’s An Excellent Dating App For Singles Living With Herpes

MPWH – “Meet People with Herpes” (HSV-1 & HSV-2) – The Best Herpes Dating & STD Support App for Positive Singles who are living with Genital Herpes & Oral Herpes.
Dating with Herpes can be very problematic, but our HSV Dating Community makes it easier. MPWH is the original and leading North American-based international Herpes / HSV dating community in the world for Herpes Singles to find Love and Support.
Here you can meet Positive Singles (PositiveSingles), H gifted singles (Hift singles) and chat with other STD singles for friendship, dating, romance, relationships and more!
Herpes Only
To create a special community, our app is designed only for people with genital / oral Herpes. Because of this, we will remove your account from our app if we find that you are not living with Herpes.
Privacy Protection
We care about your privacy, which is very important to us. Because of this, you are not required to submit any information that you are not comfortable to disclose. We strongly suggest that you keep all of your personal information private and anonymous until you choose to take things further. See our Privacy Policy and Service Agreement for more specifics regarding our privacy terms.
With the MPWH app you can:
  • Meet other singles in your local area.
  • Chat with other like-minded people online.
  • Discuss about how to live and date with Herpes.

You can download MPWH app for free and then connect with local Herpes Positive Singles. Meet People With Herpes in New York, Los Angeles, London, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Houston, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas, San Jose, Washington, Detroit, Jacksonville, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Quebec City, Hamilton, Sydney, Melbourne, Paris, Tokyo, Paris and many other cities.