Saturday, October 1, 2016

Game Review - Guess Food

Guess Food is a brand new trivia app released for Android users. The app’s developer has done a great job of creating a fun trivia experience for food lovers. The app features multiple levels that you can play. Each level is filled with excellent HD pictures of food from all over the world. There are blank letter spaces that you have to fill with your guess of the name of each food.

If you ever get stuck on any particular food question, you can always use hints to help you out. The app can give you the food’s ingredients, as well as the name of the country from which it originates, in order to help you out along the way. This is great, because you can expand your food knowledge while having a fun time as well. In addition, you can play the video of the day to earn coins, which can later be used to reveal letters.

The app has a very clear interface design. Its graphics are soothing to the eye and don’t distract you from the game. It is friendly for people of all ages. All in all, we highly encourage any true food lover to give it a shot. You can find and download it on Google Play.

Google Play Download Link: Guess Food