Tuesday, October 25, 2016

App of the Week – 7 Lottery - Lotto Prediction

Let’s face it. Most people like to play the lottery, at least from time to time. While playing is fun, actually winning is much more exhilarating. For most of us winning is simply a chance occurrence, a stroke of luck. However, other winners admit that they can predict the best lottery numbers to play. How? Is it truly possible to make accurate predictions for lottery numbers that will win? Yes, if you have the right app in your pocket!

There aren't a lot of lottery apps on the Android platform and even with the small selection, there really aren't many good ones. Luckily we've found one that’s even beyond our expectations, called 7 Lottery – Lotto Prediction & Results. If you live in the USA and you’re playing lottery games, such as Pick 3, Cash 3, Daily 3, Play 3, DC 3, Pega 3, Pick 2, Pega 2, this is the perfect solution for you. With friendly user interface, this app offers lotto statistic, lotto number generator, lotto prediction, lotto suggestion and lotto results.

The 7 Lottery – Lotto Prediction app consists of many features that you can find useful. For instance, it allows you to check the necessary data to make a safe bet and see what numbers have not appeared or how many times certain numbers have appeared, you can learn how to translate everything mystical or events into lucky numbers by interpreting your dreams into numbers and the numbers associated with your birth month, the value of the days and months, as well as your lucky days according to your birth date. You can also find all the options to save and keep your bets, and you have the opportunity to view the most likely to bet numbers on the lottery games, etc.

Best of all, 7 Lottery – Lotto Prediction is free for download on Google Play, but you can get its PRO version for free in the first month, but after that you’ll need to annually subscribe for only $1. Isn’t that amazing? Get it today and be the lucky winner!

Google Play Download Link: 7 Lottery – Lotto Prediction