The hit dating simulation game ‘Princess Evangile’ is following up their visual novel with a puzzle game that is sure to take the global market by storm. Iplay (CEO Park Jung-won) recently announced that ‘Evangile 2048’ has been released to the global market.
‘Evangel 2048’ recreates the characters, voices and illustrations of ‘Princess Evangile,’ originally a Japanese visual novel, into a 2048 puzzle type game. Various illustrations and the voices of pretty girls, which have never before been seen in a 2048 game, were included to make this 2048 game more captivating and fun than others in genre.
Interestingly, you can see the best scenes from ‘Princess Evangile’ in illustrations that are optimized for mobile devices. Beyond the game, you can also see various visual novels and comics that have been released by Iplay by pressing a button in the game.
Iplay has released a number of hit visual novels, including ‘Princess Evangile’ and ‘Kuon no Kizuna,’ and recently signed a contract with Nippon Ichi Soft, which is famous for the ‘Hayarigami’ series and ‘Disugaia’ series, and is spreading more Japanese game contents services.
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‘Princess Evangile W Happiness,’ the follow-up fan disc to ‘Princess Evangile,’ is also scheduled for release on October 21 to complete the mobile Evangile series with ‘Princess Evangile’ and ‘Evangile 2048.’
Iplay CEO Park Jung-won said, “The game market, which has changed rapidly since the advent of the smartphone, is in a stage at which it is impossible for a company to grow while remaining tied down to a specific genre. It will be highly difficult to create new growth engines without pioneering niche markets and actively seeking out overseas markets, based on excellent technologies and superb genres,” while adding, “Using visual novels and ‘pretty girl’ content, which was previously considered part of the sub-culture, we will become a developer that makes the best ‘pretty girl’ games and visual novel games in the global game market.”