Wednesday, August 24, 2016

App Review – Enigma Test

There are tons of puzzle apps out there, but none as challenging as the one that we will be writing a short review of today. The Enigma Test app is a one of a kind puzzle game that doesn’t just put everything on a gold plate for you. It has tons of cool levels and layouts for you to play through, so you can expect to never be left out of fun. The game is redeemed highly addictive by the people that have played it, making it a hot new app to have.

The game has various types of puzzle levels and designs. It starts of relatively easy as expected. But don’t let this fool you. As you progress through one level at a time, the puzzles become increasingly hard and almost non-passable. This is what makes the game so cool and unique. The game also has an option for you to pay for hints if the puzzle gets too hard for you. It requires tons of logic, and challenges your brain like no other puzzle app out there.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the game, we encourage you to visit Enigma Test’s official App Store download link and try the game out for yourselves.

App Store Download Link: Enigma Test