Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Improve your shopping experience with SalePointer

If you want to improve your shopping experience and find the best deals in your surroundings, here is the perfect app that will help you do that. SalePointer is a new developed iOS app which quickly became popular among the iOS users and rated it as one of the top shopping apps available for their devices.

SalePointer provides with tons of options and features that bring you all of the best shopping offers, sales and discounts in your nearby area. Sign up and create your account and profile in order to enjoy more features. Choose between the 4 themes (Save Money, Deal, Promotion, and Coupon) and from the 5 categories (Food, Shopping, Restaurant, Hotel, and Flight) and find items you desire to buy. You can also see the exact distant and discount of the preferred retailer with the help of the advanced filters. The app uses your GPS to find you on the map and to find the stores and places that offer sales and discounts. It can even show you how to get there.

Making a wishlist and saving your items can enable the notifications that will alert you when there is a sale on. Share your deals on other networks and let your friends and family join the SalePointer shopping community. Make sure you download this stunning app from the App Store, where it is free of charge.

App Store Download Link: SalePointer