Thursday, February 25, 2016

JumpJump Cat – Jumping Arcade iOS & Android Game That Will Entertain You Uniquely

For all cat lovers and arcade jumping game fans we got a great game for you. Available for both iOS & Android, the JumpJump Cat is one of the most addictive cat arcade games you will ever play. Exceptionally good graphics and artwork with amazing entertainment moments, this game is filled with challenging twists and many lovely cat characters.

JumpJump cat is a free cat game that features very appealing graphic, beautiful cat characters and lots of excitement. The goal of the game is to climb and jump while avoiding all obstacles and collecting as many coins as possible. Getting coins however, may trick you and lead you to losing a game.

The goal of the game is to climb up as high as possible with the main hero of the game – the cool Jumpy Cat, while avoiding all the obstacles. You must watch out because the cat moves fast in order to outpace her opponents. It has simple controls, so expect one-tap gameplay. It is a surprisingly super easy cat game! It bounces up the walls in interesting physics and with double tap you can double jump with the JumpJump cat. There are a lot of cat characters you can choose from.

Ultra-interesting, kitty cat jumping games are a great way to fulfill your free time. Try this one no matter if you have an Android or iOS device. Amazingly interesting game with tons of interesting gaming moments.

Google Play Download Link: JumpJump Cat Free Cat GameApp Store Download Link: JumpJump Cat Free Cat Game