Friday, December 4, 2015

App Review - Mercativate

Mercativate is an app that can be one of the most helpful shopping apps you can have on your iOS or Android device. It is an app that is quickly progressing and that it has huge potential. Currently available for the Spanish market, the app will show you all available shops in your town. There are galleries of photos, exact directions, reviews from other visitors etc.

Mercactive also offers the ability to book or reserve a product. When you do that, you will receive an email notice for the status of it. Also, you will be able to chat with the company, shop, restaurant, bar or any other type of business you have contacted through the app. In that way the customer will always get the best satisfaction.

The app also has social aspect. Any shop or experience or thing you liked can be shared within the app. So, your friends and family will always know what you’ve liked or disliked so they can make a better decision.

The app also offers great discounts for its users. Great app for the end customers that is available for free on Google Play and App Store.

App Store Download Link: Mercativate

Google Play Download Link: Mercativate