Saturday, September 12, 2015

Software Review Disk Xray

Disk Xray is a Mac OS X software that can be used to speed up your Mac and make it more organized. It is a software that will give disk usage statistic like no other Mac software. On top of that it will help you find all duplicate files and folders. But, one of its best functions is the cleanup features. Having a great software like this one can definitely help you in situations where you need to manage huge amounts of data and simply want to avoid duplication or get rid of some unneeded files.
So, Disk Xray has 3 mean features/modules. 

The first one is the Folder Scanner. With it you can easily see which are your biggest folders and files. It is a feature that will enable you to see which files are maybe unneeded and which huge files you may want to delete if you want to release space and speed up your Mac.

The second feature/module of Disk Xray is the Duplicate Files and Folders Finder. Like we said, this is a great feature for people that manage a lot of data on their Macs. This detailed analysis will show how many copies of the same document you have across your Mac. It will surely save you a lots of MBs and GBs.

The last feature of Disk Xray is the Disk Cleaner. This feature will make your computer much faster and smoother. It will actually remove all of the temporary files on your Mac. It is a fast and effective way to speed up your Mac and you can even delete larger files with it. You will be surprised of what the Disk Cleaner can do for your Mac’s health.


This is a simple, fast and highly functional Mac software. It is intuitive, offers 3 basic features that can do tremendous amount of work for your Mac and make your user experience much better. Get it on the official website of Disk Xray or on the App Store.