Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Software of the Month - Videzilla

The most useful software for this month is definitely the outstanding video download and converter software called Videzilla. In few words, this software will enable you to download videos from basically any site from the Internet. You can use it for your own website or to start your own business.

Lets say you have a fashion blog and you are doing well. However, if you want to go to the next level you will need to add video to your websites. But, making videos could really cost you money. Well, instead of spending hundreds and thousands of downloads, you can try Videzilla. With this software you can grab videos from the best video sites. So, you can use it to get fashion videos for your blog, or sports videos for your sport news site.

What we also adored about Videzilla is that the software has search. That means that you can search for great videos according to keywords from directly into the software. You can really find great videos there, instead of searching through the websites and on Google.
Videzilla enables you another great feature and that is the video conversion. The video conversion means that you can convert any video you download to any type of media format.

You can download the software directly from their Videzilla video download website or through the most popular download website – Cnet’s