Thursday, March 12, 2015

Net Over Net – Review - Create Virtual Private Network and Get Access to Your Computer and Mobile Devices from Anywhere

Net Over Net is a software that enables you to create virtual private networks. The service it provides is simple, and yet it can be so much useful for you or your business. After you create your own virtual private network and connect certain devices (computers or mobile devices) you can access those devices from anywhere in the world. Lets see how to use it and how was our overall experience with this wonderful service.

Why Do You Need It?

When you set up an internet connection at your office or home you get either dynamic or static IP from your ISP provider. Your IP is public and you can’t access your computer from other places through it. Net Over Net solves that with creating a virtual private network on their servers, and thus it enables you to control your computer over the Internet.  Well, not only your computer, but also your mobile devices. That will enable you to open certain files, apps and do operations at your home, even though you are miles away from your home.

How to Use It?

First you need to register and sign up on their website. Then after you login you will be able to create a virtual private network and add your own devices to it via the web app. Then you need to install the client app to all of the devices that you want to control.

For desktop computers you need to install the client app and install Tight VNC. Tight VNC will serve you as a free tool that supports one connection to a remote desktop. Additionally you can just enable Windows® Remote Desktop Services (RDP). From then on you can start controlling your computer, keyboard or mouse and work on your documents from anywhere in the world. We have tested it and we have experienced no problems whatsoever, the stability is exceptionally good.

When it comes to mobile devices you must have installed a remote desktop app on your devices. But, the most important thing in setting up an remote desktop connection is to connect all device to NetOverNet.

How to Connect to NetOverNet

It is very simple. You just need to enter the address of the NetOverNet server, then your login info and the password in the VPN connection settings. We have tried to connect to NetOverNet through laptop, iPad Air and Galaxy Note 4 and it worked perfectly on all devices. The speed was incredibly good as well.


At the end of the day we will keep NetOverNet and continue to use it for our future needs as we travel frequently. The setup is very easy, the possibility to add multiple devices is great and the stability is exceptionally good. The fact that it offers web and desktop apps is another great plus for this service. During the test of its services, from beginning till the end of this review, we haven’t experienced any problems. We installed the client apps on 3 devices, set up our devices, installed the client apps and used the devices from other computer located in another are in our city. Try it for free for unlimited time on NetOverNet’s website.