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Create and use your shopping lists in extremely easy manner with ListOnGo Shopping List

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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Extreme SEO's Enterprise SEO will lead your business to an online success

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the musts if you want to run successful business, whether you are selling a service or product. The war for the “first position” or the first page can be really frustrating and in great number cases you will lose the first spot for your desired keyboard to a competitor that has professional SEO Company behind him.

The SEO business has grown significantly in the last 3-4 years. Nowadays, there are tons of websites and SEO professionals that offer various services for business. However, there are scams and there are many low quality SEO services that are sold for huge amount of many.

In order to spare you from the scams and low quality SEO services, we are going to present you one of the best SEO services for enterprises on the market at the moment. The highly professional team of Extreme SEO is one of the leaders in the SEO business, this year they celebrated their 6th anniversary. We will introduce you their Enterprise SEO package and we will go through their packages and services. Also we will explain how they can help you in building a great SEO strategy.

First of all they will surely engage and increase you search presence and logically, bigger and more effective search presence will lead you to increase in sales and profitability. Because, they are experienced in the SEO business they certainly have the needed know how to help you.

They can generate relevant customers and analyze, optimize and truly engage and attract your site to all search engines. The organic search to your company’s website will definitely increase. On top of that they offer the most advanced site audit. You will know what are the pros and the cons in your SEO performance. There will be relevant data about your traffic and keyboards.

To help you even more the team of Extreme-SEO will create digital marketing strategies for your website. Their team of SEO consultants can design and develop effective, measurable and complete strategies that can reflect on your business SEO visibility and the organic visits from search results.

Enterprise SEO includes 3 packages for your company: Optimize ME, Titanium PRO and eCommerce Torque. Optimize ME is basic and it is the perfect package for small business website. It involves advanced site audit, strategic optimization plan, onpage optimization, architecture optimization, offpage optimization and authorship and validation. The other two packages are much more advanced and much broader than the first packages. They are aimed at corporate and e-commerce websites.

Extreme SEO offers great customer service as well. They are open for communication, there is live support anytime and you can easily call them or send them an email for any issue or question.

At the end of the day, the benefits of acquiring Extreme SEO can be huge. They can truly help you to achieve huge success, increase your profit, image and online presence.  

Saturday, December 27, 2014

ItBots – Great website that will help you automate your operations and improve your business

ITBots is a an amazing site that will offer you so much great software solutions to improve your business, sales and profit in general. From Manta Scraper to Yelp Business Suite and Twitter Smart Manager this website offers tons of great service that will improve you in so many ways. So, lets go through all the services that this amazing website offers. We at hightechholic have tried all of the services and we must say that all services work perfectly, fast and without any flaws. The creators of the website are just amazing group of highly professional software geniuses.

ITBot Services

Manta Scrapper – It is a great service that will help you solve Captchas on this website. The system of this website blocks users with captchas in order to make sure that they are humans, one of the 4 captcha services for Manta.com will surely help you to solve tons of captchas with the amazing software that is extremely easy to use.

Yelp Business Suite – This is another great service that will enable you to boost your sales, find great contacts and improve your product or service via the powerful website called Yelp. The software will scar business information including: business name, business address, phone numbers, state, city, zip code, website name, Yelp URL.

Twitter Smart Manager is another great service offered at itbots. It is a great software that will enable you tons of useful promotional features like auto follow, unfollow, tweets, retweets, favorits, username scarper and even image recognition. Great software for business owners that want to promote their service on twitter.

Amazon Scarper Pro – This amazing software will scarp products from the world known Amazon. This will enable you to get amazing tons of information about various products. This software will scrap: ASIN Number, URL of the Product, Product Price and Product Title.

Additionally, ITBots offers additional services that could also make you more money online. The AdFly AutoClicker will boost your earnings from this advertising company. Instagram Marketer pro will help you with your Instagram profile and the Fiverr Promotor pro will boost your sales. There are many ways that you can use ITBots, you just need to find what you need.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Volounteer, create groups and communities and simply make friends with MyComms

Recently we at hightechholic.com found an amazing website called MyComms. It is a community website that connects volunteers and enthusiasts that want to make difference in their society. MyComms is practically a platform that offers amazing service to people that want to connect in a unique way and that want to build new friendships, contacts and organize events for various causes. MyComms promotes communities and clearly states that communities are the most important part of the society.

MyComms is a unique social network that connects people from all around the world that can only benefit from each other. The sign up process is very easy. After that you can start adding friends, creating groups and various events. You can also join any group that you have interest in or visit event that is happening near you.

At the moment there are hundreds of groups and I’m sure you will find many that you can connect to and participate in. You can comment and talk with the other members of that group on various topics.
Like I said you can visit any event that is organized to MyComms. The events can be of any type, educational, informational, meetings for a cause or simply for a party. That is the true value of 

MyComms, the power of users that have to organize any type of event through this valuable network.

MyComms is one of those websites that have something in it. Maybe it is the freedom, maybe it is the idea of volounteering and communities, but there is something about MyComms that is highly likeable. We will keep our profiles and start socializing and organize various events. Try MyComms here and be sure to contact us for any type of event or group.

CSM South - Over 30 years of success in Phone System Service

Companies that offer great value and high quality service will always persist and be successful. That is the case with the amazing CSM South, company that functions more than 30 years in the phone system business. They are specialized company that offers  VoIP Telephone and phone systems from ShoreTel and Avaya, but also many other services.

My experience with CSM South

The team of hightechholic.com involves writers that have full time jobs at other companies. I decided to do review of CSM South because recently I have experienced amazing service from this Texas and Florida based company. Two months ago I started working for a new non-governmental organization and we needed a new phone system in order to function properly.

We have contacted CSM South after few of our workers had recommend them. Right from the start our experience with this company was amazing. They were kind and professional and listened to our needs with great attention. They send a team quickly and we used the Avaya IP Office Business System. The installation went great and we are extremely satisfied with everything they offered us. Their staff is extremely friendly and it seemed to me that they care a lot for their customers.

Other Services of CSM South

In this review I also want to inform you of some of their other services. They offer tons of interesting VoIP solutions that may save you great amount of money and offer you stability. One of their most popular service is the ShortTel VoIP. It is the provider of brilliantly simple Unified Communications (UC) solutions based on its award-winning IP business phone system.

Grandsteam VoIP SIP Telephones is another great service that is affordable for any business. Additionally CSM South offers: Voiceware hotel phone system technology, Cloud VoIP, mobility solutions, SIP telephone lines etc.

They are highly reliable company that impressed me and that I would hire again with no doubt.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Save money and enjoy great deals and offers with Chesapeake Deals

Getting discounts is always nice, so we are going to present you one amazing website called Chesapeake Deals. This website offers tons of deals with amazing discounts and offers. Everything is neatly organized and you can easily find deals according to your needs. It is a local website intended for people living in Chesapeake city, Virginia.

First of all if you want specific term, you can search it in their lovely, blazing fast and relevant search box. When you find what you searching for, there are numbers, maps, directions and all sorts of different details. But this is only the basic search and Chesapeake offers so much more. The featured item list is located bellow the search box and it involves the hottest deals. 

I love how you can browse by map (box), map (wide) and item list with map. My personal favorite was Map (Box) because I can easily go through the locals and see they are located, what their website is etc. This is very smoothly designed by the creators.

The event list is another great category on Chesapeake Deals. It gives you great presentation of event happening in Chesapeake, but also it gives you deals for companies specialized in organization of events. You will get coupouns and discounts from this companies as well.

Chesapeake Deals can be used by both buyers and sellers. You can easily advertise your business with special offers and discounts. There are 3 packages that offer various advertising options. I’m sure your business could really benefit with some of them.

 As a buyer you can choose from the various discounts and amazing deals of the day. All you need to do is create an account on the website. Additionally you can post reviews to the services you have used so they become more relevant to the future users of Chesapeake Deals. If you live in Chesapeake be sure to check this great discount and coupon website.

Monday, December 15, 2014

App of the Day - iWish

Christmas and New Years Eve are very close. It is the end of the year when the goals and bucket list for the next year are planned. Well, the amazing iOS app iWish is the perfect app for creating goals and wishes. Not only that, it is the perfect bucket list ideas creator, organizer and inspiration.

The lovely iWish is unique because not only that enables you to create your own lists with your own ideas and according to your needs, it also offers over 700 ideas that can be part of your new bucket list. It is the perfect app for brainstorming of goals.

You can personalize and edit every goal you set. There is planning and progress tracking, but also setting up deadlines and applying various filters. iWish also offers various visualization features that will make your goals much more compelling and beautiful. You can add location to every trip or goal and even share them with your friends or family via Facebook or Twitter. What we also loved about iWish is that it also contains inspirational quotes that will keep you hyped and motivated. 

IWish works with iCloud so you can keep all of your goals and wishes synced on all of your iOS devices.

Make a wish and set a goal - get it for free on the App Store!

App Store Download Link: iWish

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

PayTraq – High Quality and Affordable Cloud Based Business Solutions

There are numerous cloud based solutions for business and organizations. However, most of them are limited to only one or two services. PayTraq is a service that offers multiple cloud based solutions for any organizations or business. Some of the services it offers are online accounting/invoicing, secure storing of financial information and important documents and connecting the accounts and business owners to work together on the important financial documents.

Online Invoicing – Quotes, Sales, Orders, Invoices or Credit notes. Basically there are the most used sales management and inventory management tools.
Purchasing – You can follow and get clear view of all of your invoices and expenses. The great thing that all is stored in the cloud and it is integrated with the online invoicing i.e with the sales and inventory management tools.
Warehousing – One of the best inventory management systems is offered in PayTraq. Of course this is as well integrated with the sales and purchases, but we also need to emphasize that this feature enables multiple locations, products lots and different costing methods.
Multi-currency bank and cash accounts – You can easily track and monitor all of the financial transactions, no matter if it is income or expenses. The great thing is that PayTraq support multiple accounts and multiple currencies that will definitely satisfy the needs of the international companies.
Accounting – General Ledger, Trial Balance, Journal Report, Account Statements and accrual and cash tax basis accounting are all included in this feature.
Reporting – There are reports for your sales, purchases, inventory, money, accounting operations, taxes etc.

All in all this is truly an amazing and affordable service. The basic price of the software is $15 and there is also a free trial so you can test all the features we have mentioned here. Try it for free on their website.

Get affordable, fast and highly reliable unlimited web hosting with Hostwithwill.com

There are tons of web hosting companies that offer good and quality service. But, lets be real, the most of them are expensive, and even though you pay high prices for their services, very often they don't deliver as promised, they limit the file size and bandwith and their customer services are poor.

One of my close friends (owner of several blogs) told me about the unlimited web hosting at Hostwithwill.com. I decided to give it a try for one of my new projects and I'm forever grateful for that advice. I moved from a web hosting that I thought it was the best, but for lower price I got better service and great customer support.

Hostwithwill offers 3 main packages. 

The first is for a single domain and it is called the . This is perfect if you own one website and you are focused on maintaining that particular domain. But, if you want to build sub-domains or add new domains then we recommend you the second package called Little Panda Package. As the first package it has unlimited bandwith and disk space, but you can add as many domains as you want.

Our favorite is the biggest and the best package called Big Panda Package. You will get free private SSL and IP, but also a SEO and Social Media support.

No matter which hosting plan you choose, one thing is guaranteed, you will get top quality service. The cPanel is extremely easy to use, you can start and install your script and website in few moments. I have used hostwithwill for the last 3 months and I can confirm that it is highly reliable web hosting service. The great thing is that they also help with moving from old host. Indeed they are affordable and highly reliable hosting company! Try it here: http://www.hostwithwill.com/