Thursday, October 16, 2014

Programmer's Tool – Useful utility that will increase your productivity

I have always loved automated operations. It excites me when a computer software can do some cool basic operations on my Windows PC. Recently I found Programmer’s Tool, which represents a great utility to run common tasks. It will enable you to run different programs and commands and launch menus, but let’s see what exactly you can do with Programmers Tools.

What does Programmer's Tool offer?

Well this light and simple software offers 3 groups of features.

1. Shortcut keys
You can set shortcuts for tons of functions. For example you can set commands to launch or activate applications. It is a neat feeling to launch apps with only one command. You can even copy texts to clipboards. Even though you can use all buttons on the keyboard, it is still pretty useful feature to have.
2. Quick Launch Menu

What I really like about Programmer’s Tool is that it enables you to create custom menus. These custom menus can be opened with custom hotkeys. The great thing is that not only you can add applications to these menus, but you can also add files.

3. Notifications

Notifications are useful if you want to be reminded about something. You can create them to repeat or to show up in a specific date and time.


Simple and easy to use, with lovely minimalistic design, Programmer’s Tool has quickly become one of my favorite Windows utilities. The functionality, the features it offers and the UI of the app are just top quality. Everything is easy to use and understand, but yet the software can be really useful if you use it wisely. This software needs to get more attention. It is totally free and you should definitely try it. You can download it from their website or from CNet.