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Friday, October 31, 2014

Game of the Day – Dead Shot – Shooting Game

Our Game of the Day, comes with interesting title. Dead Shot – Shooting Game is free Android action game that will surely entertain you with the exciting game play, excellent graphics and sound effects.  Dead shot in other games meant that you have killed your enemy instantly that is why we liked the title of the game. You are going against zombies, so you better be precise and deadly. 

The game has interesting story as well. The main hero is lab technician, he have made a mistake and needs to come back to the lab to fix the mistake. You need to kill as many zombies as you can in order to get to the lab. I really like the selection of sounds the weapons make and the look of the weapons themselves. The drawings and design of the surroundings and the zombies are excellent as well.

All in all, Dead Shot – Shooting Game is an exciting gaming experience, very exciting and addicting. I love the vision of the developers and how the game is very dynamic and filled with moments that will take you to another world. Try it for free on Google Play.

Google Play Download Link: Dead Shot – Shooting Game

Friday, October 24, 2014

App of the Day – Wall Street Magnate

Wall Street Magnate is a great trading app that I recently discovered while browsing and searching for apps on Google Play. It is an excellent fantasy trading app that will enable you the feel of real trading. The idea is to feel, what real life traders are experiencing every day. You will trade with your money and all data is from all of the major US Stock Exchanges.

The only thing you have to do to start playing is to register and the sign up is really easy process. After that, you will get $100,000 to start. That is great amount of money, so spend it wisely and make millions. Buy or trade stocks from NYSE, NASDAQ or AMEX. Everything you do will increase, or decrease, your title or status.

The design and the UI of Wall Street Magnate are extremely quality. Everything is easy to use and I really love how neatly organized the app is. I love the accounting details, how the profile looks and the social aspect of the app. Basically you can communicate with any user of the app and make new friends within the app. 

You can also set different goals and compete against other users of the app.
Another great thing is that the app includes all the latest financial news, so you will be informed about everything important.

At the end of the day, Wall Street Magnate is a great app to have fun and learn trading. Everything in this app is done with so much dedication and attention to detail and that is why it is loved by the business people that love trading. Check it out for free on Google Play.

Google Play Download Link: Wall Street Magazine

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Get trendy gifts and become urban gentleman with Gentleman Box

Highteccholic loves the creative and unique services that you can get online and Gentleman Box is surely a service like that. It is trendy service that will help you become savvy gentleman. It will transform or upgrade you to a urban man with the subscription box you will receive every month. 
Think about it, the business idea Gentleman box has is excellent. Through the design of the website you can see that they are fashionable and that the gifts are simply trendy, modern and quality.

What you will get in the Gentleman Box?

The subscription box will contain five hand-selected products for men. Another great thing is that it comes with the latest issue of GQ magazine. Everything is delivered to your doorstep. You don’t have to go anywhere. The creators of this service guarantee that the content of the products in the box will definitelly exceed your monthly cost. 

Another thing you should now is that the boxes are limited, this is not some kind of mass-production. For example the November box is limited to the first 1000 sign ups. So, if you want one you better hurry.

Gentleman’s box offers two subscriptions. If you want to pay month to month for every box the price is just $25. If you want to subscribe annually, you will get one month free and it will cost you $275. The great thing is that every month you will get different gifts. The team of gentleman’s box follows all the latest trends and it delivers them right in your home. Try them here and see how great this service is.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Programmer's Tool – Useful utility that will increase your productivity

I have always loved automated operations. It excites me when a computer software can do some cool basic operations on my Windows PC. Recently I found Programmer’s Tool, which represents a great utility to run common tasks. It will enable you to run different programs and commands and launch menus, but let’s see what exactly you can do with Programmers Tools.

What does Programmer's Tool offer?

Well this light and simple software offers 3 groups of features.

1. Shortcut keys
You can set shortcuts for tons of functions. For example you can set commands to launch or activate applications. It is a neat feeling to launch apps with only one command. You can even copy texts to clipboards. Even though you can use all buttons on the keyboard, it is still pretty useful feature to have.
2. Quick Launch Menu

What I really like about Programmer’s Tool is that it enables you to create custom menus. These custom menus can be opened with custom hotkeys. The great thing is that not only you can add applications to these menus, but you can also add files.

3. Notifications

Notifications are useful if you want to be reminded about something. You can create them to repeat or to show up in a specific date and time.


Simple and easy to use, with lovely minimalistic design, Programmer’s Tool has quickly become one of my favorite Windows utilities. The functionality, the features it offers and the UI of the app are just top quality. Everything is easy to use and understand, but yet the software can be really useful if you use it wisely. This software needs to get more attention. It is totally free and you should definitely try it. You can download it from their website or from CNet.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Game of the Day - Swat - 3d shooting game

The excellent Swat - 3D Shooting Game is our Game of the Day. It is an action Android game that is free and available on Google Play. It is an exciting shooting experience filled with great graphics, gameplay and sounds. If you like shooting and action games, than this is the perfect game for you. It is both challenging and entertaining.

Your mission will be to rescue all the kidnapped hostages. However, sometimes you will encounter numerous and nearly unbeatable opponents. For that occasions there are different weapons that are more powerful than the basic one. This fps game has simple controls as well. You will get into the game very fast.

Besides the great graphics and gameplay, SWAT 3D Shooting Game also includes exciting and quality soundtrack that will enable you too feel the game. Overall it is an complete shooting expereince that I will definitely keep on my phone.

Google Play Download Link: 3d shooting game

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

AlarmSIM 2.0 – The perfect solution for GSM Alarm Systems

GSM Alarm Systems are used by many companies and individuals. They can be perfect protectors of your home, but actually of any property you own. GSM Alarm Systems can be controlled by Alarm SIM card.

They are alarm systems that operate through GSM network, not requiring a telephone line. When you insert SIM card and push the battery switch to ON, it will work by the mobile network. When the system detect intrusion, fire, or any other emergency, the sensors (eg. door sensor) or accessories (eg. panic button) will trigger the alarm, and the GSM alarm will immediately auto dial one of five numbers which is pre-stored in the alarm, or send a short message. The alarm will phone each number until a response is issued to stop the alarm.

One of the best and most affordable SIM cards for GSM Alarm Systems is definitely the outstanding AlarmSim 2.0. This SIM card offers tons of features, but most of all stability and quality signal across USA, which is truly essential for any alarm system. To ensure the stability, the Alarm SIM 2.0 has nationwide coverage on two of the biggest carriers – TMobile and AT&T. Additionally, the nationwide rates are really low and you only pay $3.60 a year.

The great thing is that you only pay when you need it. If you don’t use it that much it can last you for a long period of time. Even though if you spent all the credit, you can easily refill online anytime. Logically, because it is a prepaid you will never sign any contracts and there is free standard shipping if you order.

The Alarm SIM card supports GPS tracking devices and it works on 850/1900 MHz GSM frequency and on 2G/3G/4G. It works in the United States and Puerto Rico and it is compatible with wide variety of devices.

The Alarm SIM 2.0 is one of the best solutions for GSM Alarm Systems on the market right now. Their customer support, stability, coverage and prices are one of the best in the business.