Friday, February 21, 2014

Go mobile easy and in quality manner with Mobile Matey

We all know that every business must go mobile nowadays. It doesn't matter if you are restaraunt, coffee shop or just an event, you will definitely have more customers if you have mobile app of your services, or mobile version of your website. Mobile Matey is one really quality service that will enable you to create apps really easy and with great customization features. No programming skills are required.

However, even though creating an app on Mobile Matey is easy and simple, the features this website offers are really numerous and quality. You will be able to make your app look astonishing, urban and modern. You can add audio, video and pictures, which is expected, but you can also add contact and forms, social media links, GPS navigation, events and news and even coupons in order to engage more customers.

Easy 3 level process

First you need to design your app and take advantage of the features of Mobile Matey. Headers, banners, images or colors, you can customize it all. Then you can preview it and after you are sure that you found the right version of your mobile app you can publish it on the App Store or Google Play. That's it, you will have mobile apps for the best and most popular platforms. 

Your app will be stored and hosted in their cloud and your app can be accessed online or offline. 

If you want to add or change your app, you just need to log in with your account. There is excellent support if you have any issue. They are real professionals dedicated to make your app more successful. I'm currently designing the app for Hightechholic and I will release it pretty soon. Mobile Matey is amazing service that I will warmly recommend to anyone!