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Create and use your shopping lists in extremely easy manner with ListOnGo Shopping List

Android app that will make the creating of shopping lists very easy and simple.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Yourprocs - professional and high quality Saas solution

SaaS (software as a service) is a big hit in recent years. However, the high quality SaaS solutions are usually really expensive. So, today we are going to present you one high quality, but affordable, SaaS solution - Yourprocs. It is an experienced company that produces and offers great and smart SaaS solution for your organization. All this is presented in order to increase the productivity and decrease the expenses of your organization.


All of your documents can be placed safely on their cloud. From then on you can use their smartly designed software that includes various features. You can edit a document simultaneously with a co-worker for example, or follow all the changes that were made on one particular document. 

You can organize your clients and then add project and documents related to that client. For every client you can follow the activity, add users to that particular set of documents and activities and keep documents in the vault. That means that you can control every document with a password. That is great, because you can work on a particular document with only one employee, and no-one else can change or edit it. 

The editing and working on documents is really easy and when working on some document every other employee included in the project can see your activity. Of course, you can see theirs as well.

YourProcs is perfect for realization of projects, because it has great project tools. You can organize tasks and employees, add issues and follow the realization of the phases. Simply, you can add different tasks to any employee and follow his progress with one click. You can edit his work directly, or talk to him about the mistakes he made or for the next directions in his work.

The YourProcs cloud is secure and highly professional product that will fit to any kind of organization. Their web app work smoothly and you can access your data from anywhere. Their support team is really helpful and they are always there if you need anything. Try them here

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Xehon - Reliable, quality and affordable social cloud

Cloud computing is a must nowadays. Successful apps, businesses or companies are all synced and using cloud. However, the popular clouds can be with limited features and sometimes really expensive. So, today we decided to present you Xehon - quality, unique and really affordable social cloud. It is created both for individual and business use.

The idea is to use Xehon as an online place where various people (that are mutually connected) can create, share or communicated with themselves. This is perfect for small businesses, it will definitely improve the efficiency and productivity of your organizations. Some of the tools that Xehon includes are: document editor, file upload, image gallery, graphic editor, slide editor, messaging, calendar etc. Also, while I was talking to one of the owners he assured me that they are dedicated team of professionals that will constantly work on improvements and new modules.

The graphics features of Xehon are really broad. You can benefit from them very well, especially if you are in a business where you depend and work on graphics. Also, in terms of speed, security and reliability, I can assure you that Xehon is top quality web platform. I have close friends that are using it and they are extremely satisfied. 

I like how they enable great and powerful control over who can view and access the files on your cloud. You can add or remove employees from your cloud. Another great feature of Xehon is that it is a multi-platform, so you can use it from various platforms, including Windows, Mac or even Android tablets and smartphones. It is even easier to use it on your Android devices, because they have an Android app that you can download and try here.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Fast and Easy Way to Create Beautiful App Posters

Today we are going to present you one simple, but really useful and quality service that will enable you to create beautiful and appealing app posters. The guys from Osios have created easy to use Photoshop script that will make it very easy for you to make astonishing app poster.

After you download the script from here and load it on your Photoshop, you will get poster sized image that you can later share or print. You just need to follow the instructions shown in the video bellow. Lovely service, that is free and with which you can impress a lot of people, including the people at your workplace. 

For me this is very slick and fun script. As, I'm not an app developer myself, I just downloaded and used this Photoshop script for fun- I made a few posters and sent them to my mates - If I were in business this would be great tool for me.

Create compelling and beautiful CD/DVD Labels with iWinSoft Mac CD/DVD Label Maker

Creating CD/DVD on Macs is easy. You can burn movies, music or photos, that later can be used on other devices. However, often, there isn't any quality software for creating quality and professional labels for the CD/DVDs you create. So, today we are going to present you the astonishing Iwinsoft's Mac CD Label Maker. This software offers great amount of useful features that will help you create professional covers, labels or logos in such an easy manner.

This Mac CD Label Software itself includes great amount of cliparts, images and layouts that you can use for creating your labels. Because they are already prepared, and they look very tasteful, your label will be done in no time. That doesn't mean that you can't create templates from scratch. Nevertheless, you can add your photos, logos, bar codes or even text to your labels, which will make them look more professional and appealing. 

The visual effects you can get with this software are really cool. You can make your elements in 3D, change contrast, add more colors, add effects etc. I love how you can add layers, just like in photoshop. You can also import tables and import playlists from iTunes, perfect for creating music CD/DVDs. The iWinSoft has direct printing capabilities that are compatible with Epson printers. It also works with a variety of disc sizes and shapes, so it will definitely satisfy your needs.

So, this Mac disc label software is easy to use, it is nicely designed and it will enable you fast production of professional CD/DVD labels. You can use it for business purposes, that will potentially increase sales. You can also use it at home, it will help you create some stylish and beautiful labels that will look nice on your desk or room. It has 30 day free trial.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Change and improve your lifestyle with Rego'sLife

As I was working 60 hours a week and my lifestyle was kinda stressful, tiring and boring, I started searching for quality lifestyle websites and magazines. One of my first interesting and creative discoveries was Rego's Life

This website focuses on the quality of people's life style. It is not like all the other entertainment lifestyle websites, with various work, beauty, diet or shopping tips. To be truth, it has all these included, but also a lot of different realistic and motivating advices and tips that will improve your lifestyle and change your life's mindset.

Actually, the creator presents different ways on how to be successful, fit, healthy and be happy. There are different motivating thoughts and all that is created with simple goal - to get the best out of life. You can also find various business tools and ways to make money. Rego's Life is also dedicated to spirituality and mental, thoughts training, which we all know is a huge part of the success.

Another significant part of Rego's Life website is the Rego's Life store. This store offers various products that are mainly related to online services. Products like web packages, web hosting plans, website add ons or traffic from social media will definitely help to improve your website and make more money. I really love the prices of some services, I ordered some of the products for hightechholic. 

I also like the random design shop category. There are some really neat hats, iphone cases and caps, that look urban, tasteful and stylish. The random design shop also includes: clothes, cards, art, office products etc. You can find some really cool gits here and you can search by price, so you can find something fast, according to your budget.

The whole website and the store are designed really simply and with smart organization. I love the shop and I love the whole idea of the website. I will definitely be returning visitor to Rego's Life and the store, because in such a short period of time I already had benefit from some great deals and started to improve my life.

Make your SharePoint Multilingual with PointFire

SharePoint is a well known useful web application platform created by Microsoft. However, you can use it in only one language. So, today we are going to present you with one quality tool that will make your SharePoint multilingual. This will definitely save you time, money and it will increase productivity. The service we are going to present is called PointFire and it is already successful and has tons of customers. 

What are the benefits from PointFire?

First of all, it offers content variations. That means that it will enable you to easily manage your content from one site only, instead of creating many sites for every language. With the simple and easy to use interface you can also easily filter content based on your language.

The UI is astonishing. It is so intuitive and smartly designed. PointFire enables you to easily create and manage the multilingual UI/UX of SharePoint.You can also use PointFire SDK to show blocks of code, including HTML/JavaScript/XML, on a page based on a specific language, which again is really great tool. I really like how PointFire can also identify images by language, so it will only show them to the appropriate users. 

Also I love the full translation control feature. It will enable you to easily manage all of your translations from one place, which is incredibly useful if you have more than 5 languages. They offer advanced multilingual control of specified web parts as well, which again proves that PointFire will enable you great power and control.

I also love how they offer unlimited free trial. You can try it us much as you want, but if you want some extra features and you are satisfied with the service, you can buy it for a very affordable price. You can try and get it here.

Also, I have to say that SharePoint is produced by IceFire Studios, a Microsoft certified partner and experienced company that also has produced other useful tools and software.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Take advantage of the education possibilities at BrainCert: Virtual Classroom

BrainCert is very popular and quality education website that offers various services to students, instructors, teachers and the organizations. It has developed quality online courses and tests, but it also offers a platform that will enable to teachers to create such tests and courses online. This e-learning platform was created back in 2000 and it has already been used by many teachers, students and companies. With other words, BrainCert has authority in the education world.

The creation of online courses at BrainCert is really easy. Everything is intuitive and nicely arranged. With the creation tools it offers, you will create and publish the courses in few moments. Also, the editing and management of the already created courses. You can also import content packages from other platforms. The import and publishing of private, or even public content is really easy. Not only that you can import and edit the content, but BrainCert will organize and manage your content.

BrainCert will also let you create virtual classrooms. The software that will enable you to create such classes, online meeting or conferences is cloud based. I had a possibility to attend one class created on BrainCert, and everything was smooth, fast and compelling. You can use this platform for online classes in order to have more effective lecture to your students. You can also use it in your company to explain some process or to perform training to your employees.

BrainCert will also let you create professional tests, assessments and quizzes. There are tons of features that enable you to create astonishing and amazing tests. Also, it is possible to sell the test or courses you create at BrainCert. The software is integrated with PayPal and Stripe, which will enable you to earn very fast. 

At the end of the day, it is easy to say that BrainCert is amazing e-learning platform. It has tons of features and I'm sure that you will find the right way to use it, no matter if you are a student, teacher or company.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Create unique and personalized leather cases with iCarry Alls

We always respect unique and rare services, so today we are going to present you one just like that. I recently ordered monogrammed leather iPad case and I was stunned by the look, quality and the overall service I got from iCarry Alls. It is a specialized online shop for custom leather bags and cases. They are experienced and quality team of professionals that is dedicated to quality, instead of quantity. However, don't be fooled that quality will mean expensive prices, because the prices at this shop are really affordable.

The market of cases is huge, but it lacks style and personalization. There are all kinds of different, branded and themed cases and bags, but when it comes to custom leather ipad cases you should definitely try iCarry Alls. The great thing is that you can get leather cases for different devices, so you can create cases for Android devices or laptops as well. You just need to fill the request form or contact them directly via email and they will reply to you extremely fast. They replied to my request in just few hours.

I also love how the simple their website is. There aren't any spammy links or ads, everything is arranged in just few categories and also there is a forum for the users so they can ask questions and share experiences.

Frequently, iCarry Alls offers discounts and publishes informative articles about leather cases. It is the perfect place to satisfy your needs for style and fashion because the customization features this team of professionals offers are astonishing. On the other hand, if you don't have any case on your devices, it will protect them from unwanted accidents. So, if you want to create personalized leather ipad cases be sure to check iCarry Alls.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Game of the Day - Enjoy the journey of the addicting Little Spartan

If you are a fan of puzzle games that require you to think, I have really cool and interesting game called Little Spartan. It is an dungeon game as well, because you will need to explore and pass over 100 dungeons. With the crisp and compelling graphics and the mystery sound effects, the game is also very exciting and enjoyable. All that is created by the talented young developer Jihad Kawas, who is only 17 year old.

The game is 2D, but the fact that you will be able to turn the dungeon makes the game dynamic and entertaining. You need to collect all the golden keys that are in the dungeon, so you can progress to the next one. However, there are a lot of obstacles that will try to stop you. Stones, blood-thirsty bats and deadly gas are just few of them. But with good and smart play, your little spartan can pass through anything.

Like I said the music and the gameplay will give you a feeling like you are in some adventure. Also, there are some really hard levels that are both challenging and interesting. I also like how the game is two dimensional, and how you can twist and turn the dungeons. At the end of the day I had fun and enjoyed playing this brain and puzzle game. 

I love the creativity of the developer. He wanted to create a connection between you and the little spartan, and he indeed did. I also felt like an explorer playing this game, because the dungeons are so smartly and creatively designed. I think there is also big attention to detail and that is why the game will be successful. I will keep this on my phone and continue my journey with my little spartan through the challenging and entertaining dungeons. The game is free and available on App store.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Text Shaker - Amazing text editing tool

Today we are going to present you one simple and really useful one page website, that will help you to edit your text or paragraphs very easily and in very simple manner. It has some really useful tools that will save you big amounts of time, especially if you are editing already written text. The name of the website is TextShaker 1.0, it is a one page website, light, fast and without any ads or distructions.


The first feature is changing the order of your lines. You can choose sort your lines according to alphabet, length or random. The next feature is the Transform feature. You can make all of your letters upper case, or lower case. But also in this section there are features like capitalize the first letter only or trim lines, which will stripe the white space from the beginning or end of every line. 

The transform section also will enable you some SEO tools, like unpsin spintax or lines to URL slugs. In this section you can also add suffix or prefix, which is also really useful option.

The third category of features is Remove. Basically, here you can remove duplicate lines, empty lines, accents, spaces, numbers, trim lines and duplicate and empty lines. The next category of features is search and replace. Here you can easily find words or sentences and replace them with any desired words.The last feature is to keep or remove the lines that are containing certain characters.

As a publisher and writer I will surely continue to use this simple and very useful text editing tool. I love the features, the design and the fact that it is one page website without any spammy links or ads.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Earn money using Fast Easy Videos

Brand videos for business are the real deal to attract visitors and increase sales. However, you can rarely find quality and proven videos that will guarantee you success. On the other hand, the people that are successful in this field are asking for very huge amounts just to create videos that are few minutes long. You can enter this market and start offering videos to business that are already proven and tested. The site that offers such videos is called Fast Easy Videos.

As I already paid the subscription and already earned for 2 sales, I will tell you how to do it. FastEasyVideos will offer you already prepared videos that you just need to change and add the information for the business you are working for. As expected, this guys worked hard and prepared videos for various professions such as: painting, accounting, roofing, financial advisor, retirement planning, windows repair, windows installation, landscaping etc. The videos are scripted and have amazing quality.

So, after you pay the subscription, which has really funny price of $18.97, you will get all these video formats, the support and advice from the professional team of this site. The next step for you is to find local businesses that want promotion. You can offer them to create videos for $50 (as I did) and with your first sale you will return the $18.97 you gave for the video and earn additional $31. All additional sales will end up in your pocket.

The great thing about these videos is that they cover different niches that have low competition. So, I'm 100% sure that you will generate sales really fast. For example the video about HVAC Heating Air conditioning is from one of those niches that have low competition. Also, there are lots of different deals and offers on the site, I'm sure you will find what you need and save money. 

At the end of the day I'm happy I found this service. I already earned $90 and I will continue contacting local businesses from various niches in order to improve my sales. This worked for many others and I'm sure that will little hard work and smart marketing I can earn a lot more.

App of the Day - HSLR Nation

Tha Fly Nation is one of the best music websites on the Internet. There are so many news, videos and interviews from the music industry and if you want to be in trend and know what is new in the music industry you just have to follow this site. Recently, Tha Fly Nation released one really quality iOS music app called HSLR Nation.

The creative minds of Tha Fly Nation wanted to create one smooth and simple app that will concentrate on the latest music trends, interviews and videos. They wanted all that to be available on your iPhone or iPads in order to have better and more compelling user experience while browsing the latest music and fashion trends.

It is really nice to have such a good app on your iPhone. You will never lose track on what is trending and you will definitely get only the most important and best songs and videos on your phone or any other iOS device. The app is integrated with Tha Fly Nation Twitter profile, so this is another way to follow the latest trends and never lose track of anything important. HSLR Nation is free and available on iTunes and it has perfect 5 star rating. Totally recommended if you are a music fan.

iTunes Download Link: HSLR Nation