Sunday, November 24, 2013

If you are Iranian, then you must try Iranian Everything

Being Iranian in the United States is hard. You are far from home and you live in a country that is so much different from yours. Today we are going to present you two apps and a website called - Iranian Everything. Basically, these apps and apps are dedicated to the Iranian-American businessman and professionals.

There are many businessman already registered to this website and apps. So, when you open the website it will offer you different businesses and professionals in your are. You will get various info like map, phone number and pictures. This is perfect for finding fellow Iranians which you can trust and talk about your home. Not only that they will offer you quality service, but also they can help you if you are in a bad situation.

You can also submit yourself as a businessman and professional. You just need to select the right category and tell your location.

The apps for Android and iOS are both simple and user friendly. The UI is intuitive and everything runs smooth. You will get thousands of professional profiles, which include their names, picture, expertise, phone, address, website etc. The creators of this online directory and apps say that it is a must have for every Iranian-American.You can visit their website here, and bellow are the download links for the two apps.

Google Play Download Link

iTunes Download Link