Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Get inspired and improve your life with Nudge

Hightechholic always supports creative services. Some people just want to create things that are different than anything other on the Internet. Today we are going to present you one unique Chrome app called Nudge. Nudge is amazing, but also totally simple and beautiful app that will enable you to create and find cool activities in your city. Here you will find interesting activities and what to do in cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Houston.

After you install their chrome app or go to their website you can see future and past events. What is cool is that you will get not only information about the event and see photos, but also you will get directions and exact time of that event or activity. However, this activities are not some sort of advertising or money making events. They aim to be inspirational or uncharacteristic. That is why I said this app is a bit inspirational and this is how you will get away from the everyday life and monotony.

After you sign up, you can also create activities and events. Creating an event is really simple, you just need to come up with title and explain the activity, enter photos, date and time and then just Nudge! Then other people will see your activity and hopefully meet some astonishing people. You have to admit that is one great concept and with the tasteful and beautiful design of the app you will just enjoy browsing the events in your city and creating one for your own.

You can get Nudge for Chrome here and visit their website and get more information here.