Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Create compelling ID cards, employee badges, membership cards with ID Card Workshop

When starting small or medium sized businesses one of the steps in getting your organization on the right path is creating ID cards and employee badges for your workers. Hiring a design firm to do this for you is the easiest step, but for that you will need to pay money. Also, some workers will leave the job and new workers will come along, so you'll need to create new ID cards and badges. To save you from all these activities, Hightechholic will present you one quality software that will help you do all this by yourself.

ID Card Workshop is one of the best software programs for creating ID cards, employee badges, membership cards, loyalty cards, VIP cards or any other types of ID cards.

What ID Card Workshop can do for you

- Membership Management

Not only that you can design ID cards there are also very powerful membership management tools like: Enrollment, Records Manager and Records Seeker.

- Various build in Templates

You don't have to design anything. ID Card Workshop has many various built-in templates with different sizes that will definitely satisfy your needs.

- Support For Webcams, Files, Digital Cameras And Scanners

ID Card Workshop is able to import any photo from your webcams, files, digital cameras and Scanners. With the webcam you can also directly capture photo from the program.

- Support for printers and various data base support

This quality software also supports all versions of Access and Excel, but also SQL based databases. It also support ID printing and has two printing modes. 

- Magnetic Stripe Encoding and Built-in JavaScript Engine

There is a lot of effort put in this software. Experts and professionals had create it and there are a lot of quality partners and users of this software. Be sure to learn more about it and order it here.