Saturday, November 16, 2013

Best Antivirus Software that will keep your computer safe

Lets be real. The good and quality antivirus software programs are paid and well known. You can't really find reliable and secure antivirus software that will work flawlessly for free. Today we are going to present you the 5 best antivirus software programs that will improve the health of your PCs and keep your computers safe.

5. ESET Antivirus

The popular antivirus is obviously one of the best in the business. Tested and tried by many, ESET Antivirus is well known for its stealth and performance. However, this antivirus got little flaws when the speed and its strength come in question. It can slow down your computer, especially if you have older computers with average or bellow average hardware. But, as I said, on the other hand ESET can find most of the known and unknown viruses and malware.

4. Norton Antivirus

The popular Norton Antivirus produced by Symantec is one of the best in the business. Started back in 1991, Norton has authority and successful history in the computer world. This software is well known for its speed and strength. It is also very reliable in finding the newest viruses and all kind of threats to your computer.

3. Preventon Antivirus

Preventon is one of the most quality antivirus programs that you'll find on the Internet. Produced and developed 10 years ago by the UK antivirus experts Preventon Technologies, Preventon worked its way to the top with its safety, strength and stealth. Not only this software is fast and secure, it will also enable you some cool additional features like blocking popular websites to download advertisement on your computer.

2. Total Defense

Proof that Total Defense is one of the best are the 72 awards this antivirus software has received. On the other hand, proof for its strength, performance and reliability are the countless tests and its sales. Total Defense is one of the fastest antivirus software and it is proven that Total Defense will find, delete and stop all threats for your personal or business computer. I also love the instant and silent updates, where Total Defense updates without stopping your work or slowing your computer.

1. Bitdefender

The best and most reliable antivirus software is BitDefender. For very affordable price you will get outstanding antivirus software, known for its speed, strength and firewall protection. It will detect and remove even the unknown and the most dangerous trojans and viruses. It is perfect for both, personal and business use and it has many additional features that differ it from the competition.

This list was created and based on the lab computer tests and research of Top Ten Antivirus. This is professional antivirus website which has many discounts, deals and sales of various antivirus programs, including the above mentioned best antivirus software programs.