Saturday, November 9, 2013

9 Cool Educational Apps for Your Kid

9 Cool Educational Apps for Your Kid - Smartphones and tablets not only catch the eyes of adults, but children are also attracted to discover what those touch screens do. Today, children are becoming more interested in discovering and understanding the functions and applications of these devices and instead of lending them yours, you might consider purchasing an equally interesting gadget that has been especially developed for kids. 

There are a lot of affordable kids tablets you can find on the market and you have access to all kinds of education apps you can install on them. They will keep the kids entertained for hours, while you have a little bit of time for yourself. Plus, it’s a great opportunity for them to learn interesting things they would not normally care about.

Steamy Window

Steamy Window is an application through which children can learn to draw. The screen is “steamed” and the child can practice numerous designs and shapes without using blocks or watercolor. It also includes an effect that transforms water into vapor drops that roll off the screen.

How to make Paper Airplanes

The application teaches your child how to build various paper airplanes, from simple to complex. It is probably the best educational app, since it requires learning some basic principles that are then applied to the paper in his hand, combining the advantage of digital technologies with those of traditional games for children.

Ants Smasher for Kids

Ants Smasher for Kids is a game with a very simple mechanism in which all you have to do is crush ants, who want to stick their antennae into the cookie jar. A game of Ant Smasher is an excellent break between two educational applications, because it helps the child relax.

0-10 Numbers Baby Flash Cards

This simple and intuitive application will help your child learn to count to ten by means of logic designs. Addressed mainly to children of between the ages of two and four years old, this application is very educational.

Kids Numbers and Math

Is your child way past the age when he learn to count to ten? Then give him the Kids Numbers and 
Math application that allows him to learn to count up to 20, but also to understand the main mathematical operations such as addition and subtraction.

Dictionary and Thesaurus

Here's an app for BlackBerry smartphones, very educational for your kid. He has the opportunity to look up the definition of terms and words that he doesn’t know in the dictionary, learn about synonyms and antonyms, and deepen his knowledge in certain areas by using an encyclopedia made available on the smart phone.

Geo Walk HD

Geo Walk HD is an application that can be used on all smartphones with the iOS system. It provides a globe that helps your toddler travel into a virtual world and discover the most fascinating locations. Whatever his destination, with the help of this app your child can learn the essential things about the history of the place he is “visiting”, all about legends and personalities that have marked the history of a certain territory etc.

Kids Paint Free

Kids Paint Free is an Android app that allows children to draw on the screen with nothing but their fingers. It encourages artistic impulses and stimulates your kid’s imagination and creativity, leaving him entertained for hours on this app.

Nursery Jam

If your child is the latest Mozart, then you’ll definitely need this application. With it, he can learn to play various instruments, while looking at some interesting graphics and managing to identify sounds heard with the image tool used.

It is a beneficial educational support for kids who are music enthusiasts or simply beginners. Such an application allows him to test out some instruments, to eventually choose one to test in real life, and learn how to play it.