Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Have fun with Minox - Pet Battle Adventure

I've always been fan of vivid, colorful and lively games with exceptionally sharp graphics. Well, Minox - Pet Battle Adventure is just a game like that. It is one of the most interesting adventure games I've ever played. So, lets see what the game is all about.

After you download it and register, you'll need to pick your name, looks and some additional info. Also, you'll need to pick a pet you will train. Then you will start the game and you just need to follow the instructions from the master trainer called Azerius. This will be little introduction to the game.

One of the pet battles
After that you will start the journey with your chosen pet. You will meet different obstacles and creatures to fight with. When you go into a certain creature, then your pet goes into a pet battle with him. You will have different weapons to choose from in order to win this battle. The precision is also one of the keys to win your battles.

After you finish the battles, depending on your results, your pet will earn you experience and gold. You will need the gold in order to buy stronger weapons and equipment, because as you progress the battle become stronger and stronger. Also, you can choose various pets and change them throughout the game. The game can take you to 5 towns to explore and it has over 100 levels and 70 NPC quests to complete.

Overall, this game is very addictive, dynamic and interesting. The developers did create one interesting and imaginative world full of various creatures and pets. It is an adventure game that you will have hard time turning off. I played it for 3 hours straight the other day. Get it for free on the App Store.