Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ecount ERP - One of the best business software available on the Internet

Having a good and quality business software may improve your company in many ways. Many of the good business software programs are with limited features, or with other words they are not that broad. They only cover few parts of your business. Today, we are going to present you one broad, detailed and software with various numerous features. Ecount ERP will enable you inventory, production, sales, purchasing and even payroll features. So, lets see what Ecount ERP is all about and what are its key features.

Ecount is Web Based

Ecount is web based software, which first of all means that you can access it from any computer that has internet connection. Also, all of your information is located on the internet, so you can never lose it, the company's info is safely stored in the cloud.

It will enable you to manage your Inventory

The incredible inventory module will improve the management of your inventory. Ecount ERP includes bar code software, location management, after-sales management, serial number management, customizable reports, inventory adjustment and even customer activity and insight.

It will enable you to manage your Production

Additionally, as expected, it will enable you to manage your production process. Some of the features related to their production management are: BOM Management (bills of material), Process Management, Management Fields, Quality Control, Defect Management, Cost Management, Profit Management and Work Order Management.

It will enable you to manage your Sales and Purchases 

When it comes to sales Ecount ERP will enable you to: Sales Flow, Accounts Receivable Management, Sales Plan, Price Management and Sales Slips Management. On the other hand you can also manage the purchasing with these features: purchase planning, purchase flow management, payables management, entry screens and international trade management.

It will enable you to manage your Accounting and Payrolls 

The key functions that are related to accounting are: Executive Reports, Easy Entry, Notes Management, Import Cost Management, Department & Project Budget Management and Fixed Asset Management. As for the payrolls, Ecount will enable you easy payroll management where you can create payroll for employees in multiple departments and with different payment frequencies and wages. All earnings and deductions are customizable.

So that's it, it is obvious that Ecount ERP is extremely quality, useful and with countless features. The fact that the separate parts are integrated is one more fact that you should definitely check out Ecount ERP. There are so many other features that weren't included in this review. You can check them here and try the trial version of Ecount ERP.